Shiyou wooden door has been certified by the natio

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Shiyou wooden door has been certified by the national quality inspection authority

recently, in order to test whether the quality of Shiyou wooden door products meets the national standards, the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for wood-based panels and wood and bamboo products randomly inspected the finished products of Shiyou wooden door, and comprehensively inspected the formaldehyde emission, moisture content, impregnation and stripping, the overall impact strength of the door leaf, surface impact resistance, paint film adhesion and other items, All the inspection items meet the requirements of national standards

after strict testing, our products have excellent quality and meticulous processing, and every result of the products has reached an excellent level. The door leaf of the product is complete without any deformation and cracking; The craft is fine, with super wear-resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, impact resistance and other advantages to ensure the durability of the wooden door; And the surface has ultra-high washing and soaking resistance, without any fading, bubbling and other phenomena. The formaldehyde emission that consumers are most concerned about is much higher than the national safety standard, which makes consumers feel relieved when purchasing and using

since its inception, Shiyou wooden door has been based on the concept of creating a home life of "better life" for high-end upstart families around the world, integrating the design concepts of beauty, environmental protection and health, and creating a better home environment for consumers. Through the R & D and design of professional teams, combined with the fine production methods at home and abroad, we strictly control the raw materials to ensure the perfect presentation of product quality

any of our products are subject to random inspection by the national quality inspection department at any time. We have a strict internal review system for the production process of the products. We do not allow any defective products to enter the market. We demand that consumers buy the finest products of Shiyou wooden door. For this reason, with the best R & D and production attitude and the best quality inspection means, Shiyou wooden door constantly seeks industrial development and innovation, and creates products that satisfy all consumers





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