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What kind of cabinet is suitable for home? This is a problem that puzzles many consumers. Listen to the answers given by experts

what kind of cabinet is suitable for home? This is a problem that puzzles many consumers. Listen to the answers given by experts

the cabinet has a large volume, so its storage space is relatively abundant. Generally speaking, it can be used as a storage cabinet, and less commonly used items can be put into this "behemoth", which not only saves space, but also makes the kitchen look neat and tidy. The partition spacing in the cabinet can be adjusted, which is very convenient to use

the price of the vertical cabinet is relatively expensive. Calculated in linear meters, it is more expensive than the combined price of the hanging cabinet and the lower cabinet, because there are more materials. In addition, the requirements for the installation position of the cabinet are high. Generally, the kitchen with only one wall to install cabinets cannot be installed, which is easy to appear blocked. Only kitchens with cabinet installation conditions on three walls can be considered. It is more reasonable to occupy a narrow wall for installation, or it can be installed in a corner of a wider wall

many high-end brands have high pull baskets in their cabinets, which should be regarded as the highest storage basket, which is as high as the cabinet. It is suitable for classifying and storing bottles and cans, but the cost is very high. No matter what kind of pricing method, this kind of pull basket should be more than 3000 yuan. If this configuration is added, the cost of the whole cabinet will be much higher. In fact, in addition to easy access, this kind of basket is a waste of storage space. If there is no basket, the space of that part of the cabinet can be expanded by about 30%, and it is not recommended for working-class families to buy it

cabinets and drawers in the market are configured differently. In the combination of large open door cabinets and large and small drawers, the convenience of drawers is obvious

generally speaking, drawers have the most reasonable functional partitions, and partitions can be made according to the different items stored. Drawers layer the lower storage space, and the height of a floor cabinet is broken down into 3 to 4 drawers, which can reduce the frequency and range of bending when taking items, alleviate the fatigue of the waist and back, and is more suitable for the kitchen where the elderly cook

compared with the floor cabinet, the drawer is also a higher price choice, so it is recommended to choose a group of drawers. As an ordinary family, there are about 70 daily bowls and plates, which are placed on 3 to 4 layers. The bottom drawer can be made into a special pot drawer with high drawer board and low top. Frying pans and large and small aluminum basins can be placed inside. If the cabinet designer crazily suggests more drawers to you, if your family doesn't often have parties, you must refuse. In addition to bowls, plates and pots, other kitchen items are not suitable to be placed in drawers, and the number of these utensils in general families is limited, so there is no need to spend more money on unnecessary fancy things





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