Precautions for the use of horizontal sanding mill

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The sanding mill mainly relies on the high-speed rotation between the grinding medium and materials to carry out the grinding work. According to the external shape, sand mills can be mainly divided into vertical sand mills and horizontal sand mills

the function of sand mill is to further grind and disperse the pre dispersed slurry to achieve the specified fineness. It is composed of a vertical sand cylinder, a mixing shaft and a paint slurry conveying system. 8 ~ 10 dispersion plates are uniformly installed on the mixing shaft to play the role of graded dispersion. Next, the editor will introduce the precautions for the use of horizontal sanding mill and the working principle of horizontal sanding mill

precautions for the use of horizontal sanding mill

1. Stop for a long time. Before starting up, check whether the top screen has crusted paint slurry. If so, clean it with solvent to avoid blocking the screen and causing roof fall

2. Stop for a long time, and check whether the dispersion disk is stuck by the media before starting the machine. If the coupling cannot rotate, pump the solvent Start up after dissolution. Do not start forcibly to avoid damaging the friction plate

3. Once it appears “ Roof fall ” Hour Stop immediately to clean the screen, place the slurry receiving basin, adjust the speed of the slurry supply pump, and restart. Otherwise, the paint slurry may invade the main shaft bearing and cause bearing wear, or damage the slurry pump

4. Do not start when there is no paint and grinding medium in the cylinder

5. When cleaning the cylinder with solvent, only rotate the disperser slightly and intermittently to avoid component wear

6. When using new sand, it should be screened to remove impurities. The sand used in the sand mill should be cleaned and sieved regularly and new sand should be added

7. The observation window should be kept intact to prevent injury accidents caused by sand collapse during the operation of the sand mill

working principle of horizontal sand mill

the machine uses its material pump to input materials into the cylinder. Before entering the cylinder, the mixer must be pre dispersed and wetted. Its materials are mainly mixed with solid and liquid materials. After the material is carried out in the cylinder, the material and the grinding medium in the cylinder will rotate at a high speed together due to the agitation of the disperser. This makes the solids and some particles in the material have a very strong collision with the grinding medium, and friction and shear between them. In this way, the material achieves the purpose of speeding up the grinding and dispersing the fine particles and aggregates. However, the milled and dispersed materials will separate the grinding medium through a dynamic separator, so that the materials can flow out of the discharge pipe. In this way, we can achieve the grinding requirements and effects we need. The horizontal sand mill is very suitable for dispersing and grinding some high viscosity materials, and makes the particle size of materials meet the requirements of very fine

characteristics of horizontal sand mill

1. In terms of production efficiency, horizontal sand mill has its own unique advantages. It saves more time and energy than ordinary sand mills. The most important thing is that its production efficiency is very satisfactory to our customers

2. From the perspective of output quantity, the price comparison of horizontal sand mills is suitable for continuous mass production. The main reason is that its one-time output is much more than that of ordinary sand mills

3. The horizontal sand mill is relatively more flexible in the placement of position. It can be placed almost without dealing with the foundation. Not only that, its position can be changed without any problem

4. In the grinding process, there is no dead angle in the horizontal sand mill

5. In terms of operation mode, the horizontal sand mill is more simple and convenient. If there are some faults in its working process, it is also relatively simple in maintenance

6. In general, the structure of the horizontal sand mill is stable. When it is working, you don't have to worry about big noise, but you are uncomfortable, because its sound is relatively small

editor's summary: here are the precautions for the use of horizontal sand mill and the working principle of horizontal sand mill. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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