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Hunan Daily reporter Wang Wen

Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently jointly issued the implementation rules for the full decoration construction of new commercial residential buildings in Changsha (hereinafter referred to as the implementation rules). On June 7, the reporter interviewed Zhang Zhiqiang, director of the real estate development and Management Office of Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, lishuwen, head of Changsha construction project cost management station, and linweizhong, relevant head of the price regulation office of Changsha Development and Reform Commission, to interpret the implementation rules

How to calculate the price

implement classified management, and the upper limit of "double limited land" guidance price is tentatively set at 2500 yuan/square meter

the implementation rules are clear, and the prices of blank parts of fully decorated commercial residential buildings are supervised according to the regulations; The price of the decoration part must be calculated by a qualified third-party cost consulting organization, and reported to the development and reform department for filing after being signed by the housing and construction department. New commercial residential buildings (including foreign houses, villas, etc.) shall be filed in accordance with market rules and procedures

according to the implementation rules, for the rigid demand projects such as the pilot plot of "limited house price and competitive land price", the development enterprises should classify and determine the decoration style and grade according to different consumption levels and market demand, and on the basis of meeting the national standard system. The full decoration part should be controlled within a reasonable price, which is tentatively not more than 2500 yuan/square meter (it will be adjusted timely according to the change of market cost). The owner unit of the project construction shall reasonably determine the decoration price of affordable housing according to the principle of economic applicability

"with regard to the price control of fully decorated houses, Changsha has learned from the practices of Hangzhou, Nanchang, Wuhan and other places to clearly establish the 'four lines of Defense' of market law, subject responsibility, administrative supervision and legal weapons." Zhang Zhiqiang said that the "implementation rules" require third-party cost consulting agencies to independently and impartially calculate the price of the decoration part to ensure that the price and value are basically consistent

can I borrow money

the full decoration price is included in the total contract price, and the buyer can borrow according to the total house price. According to the requirements of the implementation rules, the full decoration commodity residential houses should be sold in strict accordance with the clearly marked price system. The sales unit shall publicize and indicate the decoration content and material grade in the sales site and the sales contract of commercial housing, among which the main materials and sanitary ware, furniture, kitchen cabinets, and electrical equipment shall be marked with specifications (the equipment must also be marked with technical parameters), materials, colors, models, and product series numbers, and the accounting results of the third-party cost consulting agency shall be publicized at the same time

Lin Weizhong said that the sales contract of fully decorated commercial residential buildings should include the total price of the house, the price of the blank part and the price of the decoration part, etc., which should be online signed and filed according to the total price of the house, and the prices of the blank part and the decoration part should be separated and clearly marked. Citizens can apply for provident fund or commercial loan according to the total price of the house, and the interest rate is relatively low

"the implementation rules specify that the decoration price filing should be completed before pre-sale, clarify the requirements of model houses, contract requirements, on-site publicity and clearly marked price requirements, and refine the requirements of online signing filing." Lin Weizhong said

will the previous regulation that "the full decoration shall not exceed 15% of the blank price" continue to be implemented? The detailed rules for implementation stipulates: "this Circular shall come into force from the date of promulgation. If the previous provisions on fully decorated commercial residential buildings are inconsistent with this circular, this Circular shall prevail."

how to control quality

whole process supervision, ensuring quality through closed management links

the implementation rules require that fully decorated houses be included in the basic construction procedures of construction projects, handle construction licenses, supervise the whole process of quality and safety, carry out completion acceptance, check and confirm with the owner at the time of delivery, implement the quality warranty system according to national regulations after delivery, and ensure quality through closed management links

Zhang Zhiqiang introduced that according to the implementation rules, the construction unit should improve the internal quality control mechanism of the enterprise, implement the whole process management of design, construction, procurement, sales, delivery and after-sales, strengthen the management and control of the construction site, strengthen the construction inspection, and ensure the decoration quality. When the house is delivered, the decoration part shall be accepted and confirmed with the owner, and the indoor environment inspection qualification report, as well as the completion drawings of concealed works such as electrical network pipelines and water supply and drainage pipelines, as well as the residential quality guarantee and the house Operation Manual issued by the third-party professional testing organization entrusted during the project completion acceptance must be provided. If there is a dispute between the house owner and the development enterprise over the quality of the whole decoration, both parties must negotiate reasonably in accordance with the contract. If the negotiation fails, they can complain to the housing and construction department or file a lawsuit to the people's court

how to prevent developers and cost agencies from "colluding"

third-party cost consulting institutions are randomly selected on the Internet. The implementation rules require that the third-party cost consulting institutions independently and impartially calculate the prices of decoration parts, bear corresponding legal responsibilities, and give full play to the main responsibility of cost consulting institutions; The third-party cost consulting organization randomly selected the consulting unit selection system on Changsha construction project cost website (; The selection unit shall not change the list of third-party cost consulting institutions at will to prevent "collusion" with developers

Li Shuwen introduced that at present, there are more than 100 third-party cost consulting institutions in the "consulting unit selection system". According to the real-time dynamic ranking, there are no less than 50 third-party cost consulting institutions participating in the selection each time, and one of them will be randomly selected by the system to ensure fairness and justice

Li Shuwen said that all departments will strengthen the supervision of third-party cost consulting institutions, punish violations according to law and record them in the enterprise credit file, and include those with serious circumstances in the "blacklist"; Give guidance to the report issued by the third-party cost consulting agency, and require that the accounting price issued should not exceed the reasonable range, and must comply with the relevant regulations of the cost industry. If it is verified that there are violations of laws and regulations or large errors, it will no longer be allowed to participate in the subsequent full decoration accounting, and the enterprise's integrity ranking will be lower, which will have a great impact on the enterprise's subsequent contracting business. By maintaining the high-pressure supervision situation of the responsible subjects of all parties of the fully decorated housing, we should urge them to perform their duties seriously





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