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2011 China Materials seminar and forum

may16,2011 is the 20th anniversary of the founding of China Materials Research Society. Over the past 20 years, under the leadership of the five Council sessions, and with the active support of 150 group member units and all individual members, the society has developed rapidly and made great achievements in various work. Only by continuously improving skills and updating knowledge can we remain invincible in this period, and our reputation and influence at home and abroad are increasing. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the society, display the scientific research achievements made by China's material industry in recent years, and promote the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in China's material related fields, the Second Council of the fifth session of the China materials research society decided to hold the "2011 Beijing materials week" in Beijing on May. The theme is "new materials create a better life". The activities include the 20th anniversary celebration of the Institute of automotive polyurethane materials, 2011 China Materials seminar, China new materials achievements exhibition, new materials/new processes/New Equipment Expo and materials science popularization exhibition

"2011 China Materials seminar" was held at the National Conference Center in Beijing Olympic Park on May, 2011. The conference was hosted by China Materials Research Society and co organized by Tsinghua University, Beijing University of science and technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China General Academy of building materials science, China Steel Research technology group, Beijing General Academy of nonferrous metals and other units

"2011 China Materials seminar" has 22 sub venues, and will invite well-known material scientists from domestic and foreign friction and wear testing machines to conduct tensile tests on the catheter: the failure of section 1 of these materials may endanger the safety of patients to make special reports

date and place of the conference:

date: May 18-20, 2011

place: National Conference Center


China Society for materials research

co organizers:

Tsinghua University, Beijing University of science and technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Steel Research Institute electromechanical rotating coding plate, China Science and technology group, China Society for materials research, Beijing General Research Institute of nonferrous metals China General Academy of building materials research

supporting units:

Ministry of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, China Association for science and technology NSFC


Beijing Haiming Huibo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

conference organization:

Consultant: shichangxu, lihengde, yandongsheng, Zhou Lian

conference president: huangboyun

conference vice president: Gan Yong, Luke

Organizing Committee:

director: zhangzetu hailing

committee members: Zuo Jia and Li Yuanyuan, Li Guangxian, Zhang Zengzhi, fan Shoushan, Yi Jianhong luohongjie Ouyang Shi Erwei, Gao Ruiping, Xu Luping, Weng Duan, Cao Hongmei Academic Committee:

director: Xu Jian, Han Yafang committee member: maxiaoguang, Wang Tianmin, Feng Qiang, sun Dongbai, Liu Xingjun, Liu Zhongfan, Qu xuanhui, Lu Zhi, Chen Daming, Du Jun, zouzhigang, Wu Ling, Li Jingfeng, Zhou Shaoxiong, Lin Junpin, nancewen, Gu Zhongwei, niezuoren, huangxuejie, xiejianxin, pan Fusheng, Secretary General: Han Yafang, Deputy Secretary General: Feng Qiang, Zhang Zengzhi large Agenda of the meeting:





all day: representative registration, registration


20th anniversary celebration of the Institute, opening ceremony of the annual meeting, visiting the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements

special report of the annual meeting


branch report, wall report and Exhibition


branch report, wall report newspaper and Exhibition

energy and environmental materials

a. solar photovoltaic Photothermal conversion materials and their technologies

b. energy storage materials and fuel cells

c. thermoelectric materials and applications

d. green building materials

e. eco-environmental materials

f. photocatalysis materials and their applications in energy and environment

g. electronic materials

h. multiferrous materials

i. magnetic materials

j. semiconductor lighting materials

high performance structural materials

k. lightweight materials in the transportation industry Materials

l. heat resistant and corrosion resistant superalloys

m. intermetallics and high entropy alloys

n. advanced preparation and processing technology of materials

o. advanced aerospace materials

non metallic materials

p. China superhard materials development forum and the 5th China diamond related materials and Application Seminar

q. advanced ceramic materials

r. high performance and functional polymer materials

low dimensional materials

s. nano materials

health and Biology Materials

t. biomedical materials and applications

material simulation, safety and evaluation

u. the first national phase separation material theory and its application academic

v. service safety of engineering materials

fa Materials education forum

low radiation and other spectra can be adjusted thin film materials

high efficiency concentrating and splitting materials and devices

other solar nano functional materials

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