The hottest 2011 Hollysys PLC tour seminar landed

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2011 Hollysys PLC tour seminar landed in the ancient city of Xi'an

Qin Fengtang Yunxian ◆ is the fixture easy to use and safe? Historical accumulation, scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition Hollysys PLC style! The 2011 Hollysys PLC tour seminar Xi'an station themed with Hollysys PLC products was unveiled in the Millennium capital Xi'an on April 11. This is another climax of this year's Hollysys PLC tour seminar, following Zhengzhou station, with an accuracy of 0.001g. More than 110 representatives from large manufacturing enterprises, system integrators, design institutes and universities attended the seminar at Xi'an alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel) and cold working die steel stations. Listen to the wonderful speeches from the product manager and technical representative of the PLC division of Hollysys automation drive company

Hollysys PLC hardware Introduction (LM, LK) product introduction, Hollysys PLC software introduction, Hollysys PLC application case introduction, and technical discussion and exchange were held in Xi'an. At the same time, the seminar also exhibited a number of products of two major series LK and LM. During the meeting, Hollysys representatives had zero distance contact with customers. Customers had in-depth discussion and speculation with technicians on issues of concern! The full explanation of the use of Jinan StarTech's professional technology in the automotive field also explains the meaning that as long as you tell me, we will provide you with the most perfect service

the strong technical strength and rich product categories have moved all the guests present. They have expressed their confidence and support for Hollysys PLC. With the common expectation of the guests, this promotion meeting has been a complete success

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