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The 2010 new materials exhibition and glass fiber composite materials exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai in November. It has rich contents and focuses on many hot topics in supporting industries. It attracts buyers from all industries to innovate products. The 2010 China International New Materials Industry Exhibition and the 7th China glass fiber composite materials exhibition are jointly held. It will open in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from November 8 to 10, 2010 to show a wide range of new materials Expand more downstream application fields, accelerate product innovation and upgrading, and promote the development of various industries

2010 China International New Materials Industry Exhibition was sponsored by Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., a pioneer and leader in preparing international exhibitions in China, and co organized by China Light Industry Federation, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Shanghai plastics industry association, Shanghai New Materials Association and the materials Committee of China Building Decoration Association; And the China Glass Fiber Industry Association and Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. held the 7th China glass fiber composite exhibition at the same time. The two exhibitions have their own priorities, closely linked with each other, staged at the same time, and played a huge synergistic effect. (please log in for details)

highlight 1: new materials exhibition, a multi domain material solution platform

as the first trade-oriented platform in the field of new materials in China, this exhibition mainly displays new plastics (including modified engineering plastics, special plastics, plastic alloys, green polymers, etc.), plastic accessories and additives, wood plastic products, raw and auxiliary materials and other new materials

there are many well-known manufacturers, such as Evonik Degussa, AKRO, jinfuliang plastic, Nanjing Julong, etc. Suppliers of plastic additives and auxiliary materials, such as sunny chemicals of Hong Kong Dongyang chemical, silichem organic silicon of Korea, adeka of Japan, Hubei Nanxing chemical plant, hiSoft chemical, Shandong Jiqing chemical, Shanghai Huayi plastic additives, Kitamura of hido village of Japan, Shanghai Luju polymer, etc., and green environmental protection plastic manufacturers, such as Hong Kong Huamei group/Zhizhi wearmax/greengran, biotrade Huainan Ruiying environmental protection materials, etc

the exhibition will be customized for today's top 10 high-speed development industries, such as automobile/auto parts, communication and electronic appliances, wind energy/electricity/other renewable energy, high-speed rail/rail transit, aviation and aerospace/military industry, shipbuilding, medical appliances and equipment, and sports equipment, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS and other machinery, construction, and material manufacturers, so as to help product innovation and promote industry development

highlight 2: the glass fiber composite exhibition is also oriented to the two major application fields of thermoplastic and thermosetting resin matrix composites.

with the development trend of the fan casing of glass figure 2, the glass fiber is more and more widely used, and the industry has also been booming in recent years. To promote the rapid development of the industry. China Glass Fiber Industry Association and Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will work together to open up more downstream fields for glass fiber manufacturers

this exhibition will not only promote the traditional application field of thermosetting resin matrix composites with the input of full retaining iron shaft or variable retaining frame force, but also dig deeper into the application of thermoplastic resin matrix composites. According to statistics, the consumption of thermoplastic resin matrix composites is increasing year by year. With the continuous maturity of technology and the advantages of recyclability, the development speed of this kind of composite is much higher than that of thermosetting resin matrix composites, and now it accounts for more than 30% of the total amount of resin matrix composites

in line with the diversified development needs of industrial enterprises, the glass fiber composite exhibition and the new materials exhibition are combined, aiming to integrate engineering plastics and glass fiber reinforced materials as the base materials, and present the first comprehensive trade platform in this field in China. Up to now, the exhibitors include Jiangsu Jiuding group, Yanzhou Chuangjia glass fiber, Cixi Chensheng sealing material, Shandong Yuxin/Shenghao glass fiber, Zhejiang tiannv glass fiber composite, Shenzhen hengtaifu composite, Shaanxi Huate glass fiber, Jiangyin weiteng aluminum foil composite, etc

highlight 3: new wood plastic materials and glass fiber deep processing equipment add radiance to each other, and various new material processing and testing technologies are brilliant.

in recent years, wood plastic composites, as new environmental protection materials, have attracted much attention, and their applications at home and abroad continue to expand, with rapid market growth. As a special area of this exhibition, the "wood plastic zone" not only includes Nanjing Jufeng new materials, Zhangjiagang Lianguan environmental protection technology, Jiaxing Gree wood plastic, Qingdao lvkang wood plastic and other plastic and wood products enterprises, but also brings together a large number of wood plastic and extrusion machinery manufacturers to exhibit high-end production technologies, such as Shanghai Jinwei extrusion machinery, Shanghai Juyuan plastic machinery, Zhangjiagang Fanchang machinery, Shanghai Xinxing twin-screw machinery, Kunshan Zhongjie plastic machinery Qingdao lamet machinery, Zhangjiagang bell machinery, Qingdao ruao plastic machinery, Jiangsu White Bear machinery, Zhangjiagang happy machinery, Shanghai Jinhu extrusion equipment, Qingdao Shunde plastic machinery, etc

in order to promote and develop glass fiber deep-processing products, the exhibition has gathered such as Changzhou No. 8 textile machinery, Changzhou Runyuan warp knitting machinery, Dongxiang textile machinery, Sheyang Sino Italian textile machinery manufacturing, Huada textile machinery, Sheyang Jieli textile machinery, golden sun new textile machinery, Hong Kong Huiye printing equipment wealth printing, Shanghai Chongxiu electromechanical equipment, Tianjin Chenggao trade, Wendeng Liming machinery, Hangzhou Aote FRP equipment A large number of glass fiber production and processing equipment enterprises, such as Shanghai jinjiale air technology, Haiwei textile accessories, and Japan foggy uchi

in addition, other suppliers of new materials and material processing and testing equipment were gathered in the exhibition, including veroland valron film, Franklin Adhesives, proton packaging film, Qingdao Longhua stretching film, Shanghai Gaogu luminous plastic film, Nanjing Hujiang composite material, Weimei synthetic material, Ningbo Textile Instrument, Zwick, Lloyd Chengde precision testing machine, Jinjian testing instrument, Guangdong Liansu extruder, Guangzhou interworking pad printing machine, etc., comprehensively display new technologies and equipment, and build a multi-directional and high-quality trade platform for enterprises

highlight 4: supporting theme activities will deeply discuss hot issues in the industry and explore new opportunities for the development of the new material industry

many high-end industry seminars will be held at the same time, including the "2010 China (Shanghai) international new material industry development seminar" and the "2010 annual meeting of China glass fiber industry association", bringing a full range of information and exchange channels to the audience. Among them, "2010 China (Shanghai) international new material industry development seminar", as the most interesting point, aims to guide the development of new material industry to improve the energy level of advanced manufacturing industry and open up new opportunities for the development of new material industry. At that time, international well-known enterprise leaders, leading manufacturing enterprises and government officials will be invited to discuss the development of new materials industry to guide the energy level improvement of advanced manufacturing industry, as well as the industrial layout and relevant policies of key materials and core components in China, so as to explore new opportunities for the development of new materials industry

at present, there are a large number of enterprises registering to visit and purchase. They come from many small tonnage models and can easily complete industrial fields, including 3M China, Lenovo, Philips Medical, Suzhou Fuji film imaging machine, Suzhou Areva high voltage electrical switch, Tyco Electronics, Bayer, DuPont, Honeywell, Ford Motor, Aibo biomedicine, Holly's CUSA dental, abb low voltage electrical, Shanghai Aerospace Control Technology Research Institute Xiamen Golden Triangle special fabric, Wuxi Shenghe medical packaging materials, Shanghai Yanfeng Johnson seats, Shanghai Johnson, Shenzhen Fuyong solar products, Li Ning (China) sporting goods, AVIC Beijing Shuguang motor factory, Belgium bijiale, Shanghai new textile industrial products, Shanghai Gaoqiao cable, GP electronics, Siemens, Jiangsu Furen aviation technology, Dow Corning, DSM, Bosch Technology Center (Suzhou), Continental AG Shanghai Jinfa Technology Development Co., Ltd., Pentair, Shanghai dimelong Auto Accessories Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Shanghai Fuji Xerox, Jushi group, etc

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