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2011 China International color box exhibition will be performed at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Sinofoldingcarton2011, hosted by Reed Exhibitions group, will be grandly held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from July 6 to 8. This grand event of the color box industry in 2011 has been sought after by many manufacturers in the industry. The enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the exhibition must require that the environmental experimental equipment can meet the requirements of various technical indicators and accuracy indicators in the verification regulations. There are more than 300 exhibitors. So, what is the reason why enterprises are excited about the color box exhibition and put it into action

first of all, compared with comprehensive exhibitions, professional exhibitions have a high degree of specialization and are highly targeted to the industry. Both exhibitors and visitors are professionals. Participating in exhibitions is very helpful to improve the popularity of enterprises in the industry. A significant feature of 2011 China International color box exhibition is to open up the color box processing industry chain and build the exhibition into a comprehensive platform for information exchange, product display and trade cooperation in the color box industry. At this exhibition, Qinhua, Zhening, Jinbao, Yiling, etc. will display soft, concave and silk printing equipment for the color box Market; Bobst, evergreen, xincaishun, Shengding group, Yahua, Tokyo Wenhong, Hongjing, Yuanheng, Chengyuan, Dragan, Wutai, Shengtian, Yongshun and other professional manufacturers of die-cutting machines, box pasting machines, bronzing machines, film laminating machines, paper laminating machines and other post press processing in the past, so its degradation rate is lower than that of PGA. Generally, mechanical locking equipment suppliers will perform on the same stage, Display the latest post press processing technology to the color box manufacturers who come to visit and purchase at home and abroad; Henkel, Jichuan, Huakang, Delong, Qichuang, Lujia and Chengming will show the hot melt adhesive and jelly adhesive that are most suitable for color box manufacturers in the era of low carbon economy; Esko, Xinao, ZHENGBO, Shenyuan, Gelita, Huawei, Yueming, Kaitian, Senmao, Yonghua, Daisy, Zhengrun, Kangli, Hongming, haoyoufu, lishunyuan and other enterprises will also give full support to this exhibition. Exhibitors and professional visitors will be able to quickly and comprehensively understand the color box Market and product trends

secondly, the on-site activities of the comprehensive exhibition involve a wide range of industries. Either the content is large and empty, or the limitations are large, which can not meet the requirements of all visitors. As for professional exhibitions, the activities held on site are professional and focused, with high requirements for process control, which makes the contents and connotation of the exhibitions more substantial and attractive. The 2011 China International color box exhibition is a sea of information about the color box industry. It spreads a lot of information, including market information, enterprise information, product information and so on. Various lectures and exhibition activities, such as printing and packaging fortune forum, color box post printing technology exchange meeting, electronic supervision code technology seminar, celebrities and famous masters' high-quality cigarette label exhibition, make the information disseminated in the exhibition up-to-date, international and relatively complete. In the process of digesting these information, exhibitors and professional visitors are conducive to comparison, inspiration and expansion of ideas

in addition, low cost and high efficiency are an important reason why professional exhibitions are favored by enterprises compared with comprehensive exhibitions. In the comprehensive exhibition, the proportion of target customers in the audience is not high, and the on-site recognition rate is low, resulting in a waste of time, manpower and material resources. The exhibition effect can be imagined. For professional exhibitions, pre registration is adopted to master the number and nature of visitors, so as to ensure that the visitors to each booth are professionals. The on-site visitors are highly matched with exhibitors, the exhibition efficiency is greatly improved, and the cooperation success rate is high, effectively avoiding the investment of invalid exhibition expenses. Moreover, many professional visitors only visit professional exhibitions with clear purposes, so exhibitors can find some important customers who can not be seen in the comprehensive exhibition on site, and can achieve satisfactory results in customer development and product promotion

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