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The 2011 Communication Exhibition "sets the tone" for the development of the power industry. The 2011 China International Information and Communication Exhibition with the theme of new generation information technology will be grandly unveiled at the Beijing International Exhibition on September 26. We have the support of a large number of customer groups. The new generation of information technology has been established as one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China. This exhibition with this theme can be seen as a major exhibition in the next generation of networking, IOT, three convergence, mobile Internet, cloud computing and other fields. What kind of answer will they give us is expected. But one thing is certain. As an important part of the new generation of information technology, the communication industry is facing more urgent pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the power supply industry, which provides power guarantee for it, will take energy conservation as the research and development direction in the future

the communication industry is a traditional large energy consumer. Last year, the entire industry consumed 29billion kilowatt hours of electricity, and this figure is increasing year by year. In the face of this situation, telecom operators pay more attention to the effectiveness of energy conservation and emission reduction. The requirements for power supply equipment are not limited to energy conservation, but also focus on safety, stability and intelligence. It can be said that although energy conservation and emission reduction is an old topic, it has been given new content in the new era. In the future, energy conservation and emission reduction will be more intensive and have higher standards. Accordingly, the power supply industry must keep pace with the times, closely focus on the new demand of the communication industry for energy conservation and emission reduction, and strengthen the research and development of energy-saving products and solutions. In this regard, Emerson Network energy, the global leader of key business full supporttm, is far ahead of the industry

with the rapid development of the communication industry, new changes have taken place in its energy consumption, which are reflected in two aspects: the core computer room with small quantity but high energy consumption and high importance; Base stations with small unit energy consumption but large overall number. Data show that the energy consumption of both accounts for 88% of the whole industry. In addition, the communication business is increasingly diversified, which requires power suppliers to provide targeted solutions. Emerson Network Energy closely tracks the development trend of the communication industry, deeply grasps the demand of energy conservation and emission reduction of telecom operators, and with its strong R & D strength and innovation ability, it has launched ESN communication energy-saving solutions, including ESN core computer room energy-saving solutions, ESN base station energy-saving solutions, and power supply solutions for new businesses, opening up a broader path for energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry. Through a full range of products covering the entire telecommunications field, including air conditioning system, UPS, communication power supply, power distribution system, monitoring system and other key power equipment in the computer room, Emerson Network energy has exported high-efficiency, high environmental protection, high reliability power products and energy-saving and emission reduction solutions to operators

in terms of energy-saving ideas, Emerson energy focuses on the big picture and details, covers all aspects, eliminates energy consumption blind spots, and strives to achieve the best energy-saving effect. According to the introduction, ESN energy-saving solutions not only consider the main equipment, air conditioning system, power supply and other general directions, but also pay attention to tapping the energy-saving potential of the previously neglected computer room layout, local uneven air conditioning, harmonic interference, renewable energy utilization and other links. Specifically, the energy-saving solution for ESN core computer room includes eight parts: the operation of multiple air conditioners and the solution of competitive problems, SDC intelligent energy-saving double cycle air conditioners, the local overheating problem of XD series air conditioners, nxr series UPS, high-efficiency active filters, the use of three bus structure, high-voltage DC power supply system and photovoltaic power generation for core energy saving. The energy-saving solution for ESN base station includes datamate base station dedicated air conditioners and energy-saving cards The new service power supply solutions include high-voltage DC remote supply solution, outdoor cabinet and micro base station wireless monitoring solution, c-ran, LTE, WLAN 1 limit switch is set outside the FTTx power supply buffer head; The lifting and swinging angle conditioning device consists of three parts: a conditioning disc solution with an arc chute. Each part has its unique energy-saving advantages. For example, SDC intelligent energy-saving double cycle air conditioner uses outdoor natural cold source to save energy, with an energy-saving rate of more than 30%; The high-efficiency active power filter is both safe and reliable, and its efficiency is 4% higher than that of the traditional method. In practice, while each part plays its own energy-saving function, it forms a comprehensive energy-saving solution through organic combination

it is not difficult to predict that energy conservation and emission reduction will still be a hot topic around the 2011 Communication Exhibition. With the development of the times, the connotation and extension of energy conservation and emission reduction in the communication industry are also expanding, which requires equipment suppliers to have a sharp vision and solid actions. We see this trend from Emerson Network energy

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