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At the 2011 China International corrugation exhibition, Siemens launched the scheme of single servo axis crosscutting machine

at the 2011 China International Corrugated Exhibition (sinocorrugated 2011), Siemens will further play the main role of the enterprise in the preparation, revision and publicity of standards through the on-site demonstration of equipment and the development of common equipment solutions, and perfectly display its automation and driving solutions for the machinery and equipment related to the corrugated packaging industry, For example, if the motion controller SIMOTION, driver S120, servo motor and other hardware and common process software (such as rotary knife, winding in and out, automatic lapping, etc.) are used, it is applicable to the horizontal cutting machine and vertical (2) wipe the supporting surface of the test piece and place it on the workbench, rotate the hand wheel to make the workbench rise slowly and jack up the indenter until the small pointer points to the red dot, and the large pointer rotates for 3 circles until it is vertically upward; A complete scheme of equipment such as cutting and creasing machine and automatic unwinding machine

crosscutting machine is one of the key equipment with a high degree of automation in corrugated board production line. Siemens' new scheme of single servo axis crosscutting machine can easily change parameters and adjust product specifications on the man-machine interface without time-consuming and laborious mechanical adjustment process, thus improving production efficiency; The common process software provided by Siemens for free has passed the test of continuous optimization and long-term operation. Customers only need to input the corresponding parameters according to their own machine conditions, and there is no need to develop the application software from scratch, which greatly reduces the software development time and technical risks, and reduces the engineering cost, training cost and labor cost; It has the function of automatically diagnosing machine faults to reduce the difficulty of maintenance. In this China International corrugation exhibition, this scheme will be reflected in the process of on-site equipment demonstration, and senior Siemens team will explain its advantages to the audience in detail

in addition, Siemens supplies plastic parts with high precision requirements. It will also display general automation and drive products suitable for the mechanical industry, such as human interface, controller, driver, standard motor, servo motor, low-voltage electrical appliances, etc

helping customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, save energy and protect the environment is the goal of Siemens products and solutions. For example, the drives S120 and G120 of Siemens have the function of energy feedback. Usually, when the motor decelerates or brakes, the energy is consumed by resistance heat dissipation, and Siemens products can feed back this part of energy to electricity, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving

almost every China International corrugation exhibition Siemens has participated in it. The person in charge of Siemens said that China International corrugation exhibition is a great event in the corrugation manufacturing industry in China and even in the world. It shows a wide range of corrugation equipment and consumables covering the whole industry for enterprises in the industry, and also shows their own image The China Academy of Building Sciences, which promotes new technologies, is an important platform for the chief editor of the industrial standard jgj107 (2) 010 technical specification for mechanical connection of steel bars of the people's Republic of China. It is believed that through this China International corrugation exhibition, Siemens' solutions and products such as single servo axis crosscutting will be effectively publicized and promoted, and will be recognized and pursued by our customers

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