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2010 Styrene Market Forum (SM 2010) was held in Chongqing in October. Shanghai -- (US business information) -- in 2010, the complicated styrene market has not only relied on supply and demand to grasp the market direction. Macroeconomic status, policy orientation, capital status, energy price trend, chemical market cycle and other conditions release their energy in a specific market state and affect the change of styrene price trend. What year will China's Styrene Market usher in in 2011? How will all market participants of styrene go through the new year? When will opportunities and challenges arise? How to seize the opportunity to maximize the benefits of the enterprise? E-trade sincerely invites you to gather at InterContinental Chongqing Hotel from October 20 to 22, 2010. The "2010 Styrene Market Forum" will interpret the market trend for you for the ninth time, accurately grasp the market pulse and show a new market picture

the annual styrene conference has been successfully held for eight times, bringing together more than 300 industry elites, including raw material suppliers, traders and downstream users from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China and other countries. The 2010 Styrene Market Forum will be fully sponsored by TRICON energy, Ltd. nearly 170 major suppliers and traders including Sinopec East China, Shanghai Secco, CNOOC shell, Changzhou Donghao, Jiangsu Shuangliang, Tianjin Dagu, Mitsubishi, Sinochem International and Nantong Chemical light will participate in the annual styrene conference. Nearly 50 downstream users such as Wuxi Xingda and Jinling DSM will also help to build a strong speech lineup for the annual styrene conference, Analyze the unpredictable market in depth, break through old industries and tap new trends

2010 Styrene Market Forum will try its best to interpret the following hot topics for you:

macro chapter - Analysis of global and Chinese economic development trends; In depth analysis of the correlation between the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index and the price trend of chemical products; Full continuation and focus on technical difficulties, supply and demand pattern of crude oil and price trend forecast

market - in depth analysis of supply and demand hotspots and future development of Styrene Market in 2010; Analyze and forecast the price trend of styrene in different ways; Current situation analysis and forecast of styrene raw material pure benzene and ethylene market

downstream - prediction of downstream market demand for styrene in 2011: whether EPS growth can be continued; Current situation and development expectation of UPR market in China

e-commerce Taoke -- a new form of dialogue. 2. According to the requirements of the test piece: listen to the real voice of the industry, see through the future development of the industry, and analyze the most sensitive topics in today's market

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