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300A AC diesel electric welding machine price

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300a double cylinder diesel generator and welding machine supply/generator and welding machine diesel generator set operates under small load, and with the continuation of operation, the following problems will appear: 1. For supercharged diesel generator set, because of low load, no load and low supercharging pressure, it is easy to cause supercharger oil seal (non-contact type) The sealing result of falls. 300A diesel electric welding machine, as long as a machine body, completes the two functions of electric welding machine. It has low energy consumption and environmental protection. Compared with simple products, it can save 30% electricity; It is cheap. Compared with the old products, its fuel consumption is reduced by 20% and its service life is longer. 300A diesel power generation welding machine is generally suitable for users who need to use the power generation welding machine for a long time. The generator directly mobilizes the welding machine to stop the task by rotating and recovering the current. Generally, there are two types of diesel power, diesel power and diesel power, which are most often used. With low-power auxiliary power supply, it can mobilize lighting and other low-power equipment. And it is equipped with four durable wheels, which are more convenient for transportation, widely used, easy to start the arc, stable arc, convenient welding current scheduling, and large scheduling range. It can be applied to different electrode diameters and welding environments. The diesel generator welding machine group makes you more familiar with outdoor welding operations. Daniaze power gasoline power welding machine and diesel power welding machine are worthy of your 300A double cylinder diesel power welding machine supply/power welding machine

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: daniaze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

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the [company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

[business style]: purchase and sale treaty Alipay business

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[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery in the world

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty lasts for one year and protects the world Lianbao for a lifetime. The export process function is stable

300a double cylinder diesel generator welding machine supply/generator welding machine parameters:

to300a diesel generator welding machine (danizawa power toyoti)


additional input power kw

welder landing characteristics

single current scheduling range




shared electrode φ Mm

2.0 ~ 7.0

generator power

additional input kW

maximum input kW

generator (three-phase four wire)

additional voltage V

220 | 380

power factor%

to870 (yototi)

engine situation

V-type double cylinder four stroke air-cooled diesel engine


additional speed rpm

0 diesel (summer) - 10 diesel (winter)

task ambient temperature ℃

-20 ~ 40

fuel tank capacity l

maximum size mm


gross weight kg


Noise DB

70 (7m)


300A double cylinder diesel electric welding machine supply/electric welding machine danizawa power electric welding machine after sales: rest assured! After the machine is made into a finished product, the machine testing staff and inspectors will test the machine once, and when it is put into storage, the machine testing staff and inspectors will test the machine once! Before leaving the factory, the operation and welding tests are completed with refueling! ★ warranty period:

the warranty period of the unit is 12 months or 1000 hours of cumulative operation; The first come can be used as the foundation period of maicafee project. Because of the performance of production and quality, the implementation of charged maintenance or replacement, lifelong paid work! (vulnerable parts, frequently used parts, compensation damage, neglect of maintenance, etc. are not within the scope of warranty) if they are adjusted by the original factory, they shall be performed in accordance with the original warranty regulations

★ Chen Junlin, the support engineer of the comprehensive Department of electrolytic plant 2, is proficient in computer programming. Performance standards:

international standard certification ISO9001:2000 industry performance standards gb/t2820.1997

★ environmental prerequisites

the unit can or "Paul said that the task it is allowed to rely on can input continuous power: altitude: ≤ 3000 m; Ambient temperature: 40 ℃, relative humidity: 85%

★ unit layout

diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine, generator, common chassis and control panel. The diesel engine is connected with the generator through the elastic coupling, and is installed on the public site through the shock absorber. The control panel of the unit is installed on the public site at the generator end through the shock absorber. It can complete the functions of the unit's electrical parameter monitoring, diesel parameter measurement, unit control, parameter adjustment and alarm protection

★ random data

diesel engine operation and protection manual, declaration of primary parts, diesel engine parts atlas, control panel declaration, diesel generator set operation and maintenance declaration, generator declaration, diesel generator set certificate, thinner recycled material diesel engine certificate, motor certificate, detection statement, etc.

information source: danizawa power

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