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350a generator and electric welder price

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the high power generation efficiency equipped with oil-saving solenoid valve and welding machine saves energy by 10% compared with other brand equipment, and the operation cost is more competitive. AC auxiliary power supply can provide on-site power supply for a variety of electric tools. Advantages: power generation and welding are integrated, light weight, easy to move. It is widely used in power supply, railway, municipal, petroleum industry and mining enterprises, field operations, construction rescue, municipal engineering installation and maintenance, rural field operations, etc. This series of dual-purpose machines can be used for power generation and welding alone, or a small amount of lighting and welding can be used at the same time. Features of gasoline arc welding machine with chopper technology: 1 High frequency digital control of welding current; 2. Various welding processes: manual welding, gas shielded welding, flux cored welding, inert gas shielded welding, spot welding argon arc (optional); 3. Constant current output, current regulation range (maximum 350A); 4. Leakage protection function; 5. The maximum output of auxiliary power supply is 7KVA; 6. Engine protection function (oil pressure/temperature/speed protection); 7. Super large oil tank 60L, working for 14 hours; 8. Fuel gauge; YOTO, original engine (3600rpm); 10. Conform to EEC standards; Specification and data power generation electric welding machine specification and data form brushless drive mode direct connection protection grade IP21 insulation grade F electric welding machine falling characteristic rated power kw 11 rated current DCA 330 rated voltage DCV 33.2 no load voltage is not allowed to add other environmental stress interference to the tested product DCV 85 rated utilization% 50 current regulation range DCA normal no load voltage DCV rated utilization% 100 rated current DCA 250 auxiliary Auxiliary power supply rated power kw 7.0 rated voltage V ac/dc220 rated current a 13.7 rated utilization% 100 engine name Wuteng mu990 form 4-stroke double cylinder exhaust volume CC 725 rated output power HP 25 rated speed rpm 3550 starting mode electric starting fuel unleaded gasoline cooling mode air-cooled lubricating oil volume l 1.9 other fuel tank capacity l 24 external dimensions mm 910560 660 net weight kg 160 battery 12v-32ah wheel standard configuration* Japanese taketo mu990 gasoline double cylinder engine is adopted, with surging power* Brushless and inductor power generation technology has high power generation efficiency and provides better welding power supply* High and low current selection switches are used, which eliminates the cumbersome process of stopping the machine and plugging in and out the quick plug* Equipped with fuel-saving solenoid valve, most of the printer materials used by Mattrick computer manufacturing group are oil alarms combined with polymers, which not only save energy, but also reduce engine wear and abnormal startup, ensure the safety of the engine and prolong its service life* The instrument is complete and equipped with a sensor type oil quantity display meter (with night light), which is separated from the oil to reduce the corrosion of the safety oil tank and is always away from the heat source* The same machine output with descending characteristics and flatness can truly realize the same machine output in the ranks of light engine welding machines, and the output effects of manual welding and semi-automatic welding can be perfectly realized at the same time, which fully meets the requirements of professional construction units of long-distance pipeline* Using wire feeder not only has high construction efficiency, but also has convenient adjustment, stable output and easy control. It is the mainstream welding method of long-distance pipeline in China at present* It is suitable for a variety of electrodes, and can perform all position welding of cellulose electrode, low hydrogen electrode and argon arc welding* Excellent arc effect, stable arc, small splash, delicate and smooth feel* Low operation cost, high power generation efficiency with fuel-saving solenoid valve and welding machine. Many advanced graphite products save 40% energy compared with other brand equipment, and the operation cost is more competitive* 7KW auxiliary power supply can provide on-site power supply for a variety of electric tools* It is suitable for professional welding of long-distance pipeline. With professional services, high-quality products and a single-minded attitude towards you, we will be your ideal partner

source: Shanghai Wuteng Power Generator Co., Ltd

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