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On April 2, it was learned from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association that the action plan for the shipbuilding industry for the next three years after the 12th Five Year Plan, jointly formulated by many ministries and commissions, will be issued in the near future. It plans to give preferential policies to key shipbuilding enterprises, provide necessary support in finance, taxation and finance, and guide the shipbuilding industry to carry out core technology research and development, and march into the field of high-end environmental protection and deep-water marine engineering

analysts pointed out that with the decentralization of marine policy dividends, the proportion of offshore oil will gradually increase, and marine development will receive more attention, which is expected to drive the rapid growth of the demand for marine engineering equipment. In addition, the current number of marine engineering equipment is small, the service life is long and other factors, it is expected that there is a large growth space for the construction demand of new marine engineering equipment and the renewal demand of existing equipment in the next few years

policy assistance

in March last year, the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of the shipbuilding industry proposed that by 2015, the sales revenue of the shipbuilding industry is expected to reach 1.2 trillion yuan, with a total export volume of more than 80billion US dollars. The industry generally believes that it is difficult to achieve the development goal of the shipbuilding industry in the 12th Five Year Plan, so it is necessary to strengthen policy support for the shipbuilding industry and speed up the structural adjustment of the shipbuilding industry

it is revealed that the proposed three-year action plan for the shipbuilding industry after the 12th Five Year Plan to ensure their survival and health will propose to encourage greater financial support for the shipbuilding industry and increase the supply of credit funds to buyers of ship exports; Vigorously develop special ships such as offshore engineering equipment and chemical ships, as well as key products such as low-speed diesel engines and marine diesel engine crankshafts, so as to comprehensively enhance market competitiveness; Strengthen the access restrictions of the shipbuilding industry, encourage mergers and acquisitions or group cooperation, accelerate the integration of shipbuilding infrastructure resources, and optimize the spatial layout of the shipbuilding industry; Actively develop the ship supporting industry and ship supporting market, improve the ship supporting capacity, and extend the ship industry chain; Encourage shipbuilding enterprises to establish a modern shipbuilding mode, reform the design, production and operation mode of ship products, shorten the shipbuilding cycle, and improve the level of safe production and cleaner production; Plan for long-term development and reserve advanced manufacturing capacity of the shipbuilding industry

marine engineering business is bright

affected by the economic downturn at home and abroad, in recent years (2) the traditional shipbuilding industry has continued to decline in terms of the plasticization of chassis functional parts, but the marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly

at the beginning of March, China Heavy Industries' large shipbuilding industry won the construction contract for four high-specification jack up drilling platforms from seadrill, with a contract amount of nearly US $900million. According to the data of China National Heavy Industry Corporation, from the end of November 2012 to March 6, 2013, COOEC received a new order jg/t 3057 ⑴ 999 of gold upsetting straight rib reinforcement joint, with a total amount of 8.28 billion yuan. On March 25, Rongsheng maritime, a subsidiary of Rongsheng heavy industry, signed a general contract for a large jack up drilling platform, with a total amount of more than 360million US dollars

analysts pointed out that Chinese shipbuilding enterprises have shown a significant increase in offshore drilling vessel/equipment order receiving projects. In addition to the jack up drilling platform orders used in shallow waters, they have also gradually accelerated the order receiving pace of deepwater drilling vessels and relocated drilling platforms

"the high oil price has brought ocean engineering another upsurge and witnessed the signing and development of a number of cooperation documents between the two countries." Everbright Securities analysts pointed out that the trend of new orders for drilling platforms is basically consistent with the rise in oil prices. At present, most of the drilling platforms delivered for use are orders signed when the oil price is above $60/barrel, while the international oil price has closed at $97.07/barrel on April 1. It is expected that the high international oil price will lead to a large number of drilling platform orders

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