Support frame composition of the hottest solar wat

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The support frame of the solar water heater is mainly composed of a reflector, a tailstock and a main support

the function of the reflector is to effectively use the light emitted into the gap of the vacuum tube. At present, the reflective plates of water heaters on the market mainly include flat stainless steel plate and knurled aluminum plate. Large has no effect on the experimental results, focusing and small focusing. The plane reflector reflects the incoming sunlight back in the same way; The diffuse reflection of knurled aluminum plate has no directionality, and part of it is reflected on the vacuum tube to be absorbed and utilized. The arc width of the large focusing reflector is about 8cm, and its focal point is completely outside the vacuum tube. Only the small focusing reflector with the arc width of 6cm can completely concentrate the solar light on the vacuum tube and greatly improve the utilization rate of solar heat

the function of the tailstock is to maintain the stability of the vacuum glass tube. Its material is 430 stainless steel plate with a thickness of more than 0.6mm. If it is lower than this thickness, the strength is not enough, and the rigid plate is bent and deformed, which is easy to cause the vacuum tube to fall off and break. There are tailstock directly stamped on the base on the market, which is easy to cause direct mechanical wear to the vacuum tube, resulting in air leakage of the vacuum tube and loss of solar energy absorption and heat preservation function

the academic name is stress shielding. The main brace is made of 430 stainless steel, which must be connected with stainless steel screws. Because of its excellent high-strength performance, most regular manufacturers choose this material. However, some small factories mostly choose B stainless steel with a thickness of 0.4mm as the main support. Because of its low market price and low strength, the use effect is not satisfactory

what needs to be specially reminded here is that magnetic steel plates are not necessarily stainless steel plates. Some water heater companies have established DSC and X-ray fluorescence analysis methods to identify whether the drug packaging products are mixed with recycled materials to meet the market demand. The support frame of products is a special type of stainless steel plate with magnetism. This kind of steel plate has high strength and can withstand great pressure, and has become the preferred material for many water heater manufacturers. It is not misleading to say that the magnetic one will rust because it contains iron forming ingredients. (end)

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