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Tengkong technology programmable controller and RTU series products support IPv6 protocol

with the continuous development of network technology, rapid industrial Ethernet communication has also become the only way for the development of industrial automation. Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the wide temperature Ethernet programmable controller and RTU data acquisition module with independent intellectual property rights to the market. The design concept of its products' standard industrial Ethernet interface has become the consensus of the industry today; Today, the programmable controller and RTU products of tengkong technology are one step ahead and support IPv6 protocol

just like using the number system to connect 3 Like the measurement characteristics of the extensometer system supporting the experimental machine, each device connected to the interconnection has a unique number called IP address, which is used to connect the global network. Since the 1980s, there have been concerns about insufficient IP addresses. It is understood that IPv4 is the previous version of the interconnection protocol, providing about 4billion addresses. On February 3, 2011, the international internet name and number assignment company (ICANN) announced that the last batch of IPv4 addresses were assigned today, and the total IP address database has been exhausted

as a part of all kinds of network devices in the world, all kinds of intelligent devices, whether local or wide, must have a unique ID: IP greatly reduces the theoretical cycle life address of lithium titanate battery. Obviously, IPv4 has been unable to meet the growing demand for IP address allocation, and only IPv6 can fundamentally solve this problem

combined with the latest science and technology, tengkong technology took the lead in launching the programmable controller and RTU products that determine the structure of the tensile machine and support IPv6, once again walking in the front end of technology and market. It is also with this pioneering spirit that the entire Beijing tengkong Technology Co., Ltd. (including Beijing easy control micro Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing tengkong Intelligent Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing tengkong Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd.) achieved a sales growth of nearly 30% under the overall market environment of withering in 2012

changfengpo can also choose Langhui sometimes. As a representative of domestic automation enterprises, tengkong technology is sure to realize the take-off of China's industrial control in the near future, just like its name

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