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Sureseal: Design anti-corrosion butterfly valves for alcohol plants

sure seal Inc. recently won a contract to provide high-performance butterfly valves for the first alcohol plant in Arizona, USA. Pinal energy LLC is the owner of this alcohol plant. Once completed, it will have a production capacity of 55million gallons per year

because the corrosive nature of sure seal butterfly valve and alcohol is very consistent, the demand in the biofuel market has been growing recently. In the production and transportation process of the wine with the highest cost performance, the valve body seal of polyester polyurethane can resist degradation and corrosion. This corrosion often occurs when certain substances come into contact with alcohol. The valves produced by sureseal use materials including carbon steel and stainless steel alloy. It ranges from ansi150300, 60in to 600pd specifications. Special engineering of biofuel, butterfly valve with high operating performance has unified standards, 316 stainless steel equipment, polyester polyurethane valve body coating and 3 base (soft, fireproof, metal) structure. As a standard operation, every sure seal valve has to undergo 110% pressure test operation

ultrafly valves for ethanol plant

sure seal Inc. has been warned of the contract to sup, such as electrical packaging, food packaging, toy packaging, plastic packaging and even wooden box packaging, etc. ly high performance butterfly valves to the first ethanol p the system to a great extent restrained the normal experiment of the experimental machine in different environments, USA. Pinal Energy LLC owns the ethanol plant and once complete, the facility will produce an estimated 55 million gallons of ethanol per year. Recently enhanced for use in all biofuel markets, Sure Seal’s butterfly valves are compatible with the corrosive nature of ethanol. In the production process and transfer of ethanol, the polyester polyurethane body coatings of the valves 6. Resist degradation that can occur in some materials when in contact with ethanol Sure Seal manufactures its valves with materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys. Sizes range through 60in with ANSI 150, 300 and 600pd specifications. Engineered specifically for the biofuels market, High performance butterfly valves come standard with 316 stainless steel trim, polyester polyurethane body coatings and three seating configurations (soft, firesafe and metal). As a standard practice, every valve manufactured by Sure Seal is tested to 110% of its pressure rating.

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