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Bonner surecross wireless Q45 series sensors to promote new products

since Bonner officially released the epoch-making surecross wireless Q45 sensor series products last year, it has been recognized by many industry customers. In order to further expand the application field and market of Bonner wireless products, Bonner launched a new wireless product, wireless Q45, in May 2014. The new product integrates wireless technology, photoelectric detection technology and batteries. It is small and compact. The maximum detection distance is 30 meters (depending on the adjusted excess gain). It is suitable for object detection in areas where cables cannot be laid or people cannot touch

model selection:

adjustable sampling rate (the fastest is 62.5ms), using the working mode of change of state transmission, which not only maximizes the battery life, but also meets certain real-time performance

built-in 2 replaceable 3.6V lithium batteries, with a maximum service life of 5 years (related to sampling rate and transmission rate)

built-in field signal diagnosis function, Only one person can quickly complete the evaluation of the quality of on-site signal transmission

the extended addressing mode is adopted, A single switch can connect up to 4 mold micro machining technology, 7 Q45 wireless sensors

node ID numbers, and use the two knobs to set

IP67 protection grade

-40~+85 ℃ wide temperature work

relative humidity 95% (no condensation)

target application:

whether the objects on the assembly line are detected

whether the objects on the conveying hanger are detected

in place position detection

Bonner Engineering International Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966. After nearly 50 years of wind and rain experience, it has become the world's largest photoelectric sensor, measurement and detection sensor, industrial wireless network products, machine vision, industrial safety products, industrial intelligent indicator lights, rotary encoders One of the professional manufacturers of automatic products such as laser code reader, industrial controller (PLC integrated controller, intelligent logic controller), man-machine interface, etc. Bonner is committed to providing customers with integrated automation solutions with sensing as the core, converting elongation into pull value. With innovation and service as its corporate mission, Bonner engineering is writing a colorful chapter for the expansion of Bonner's territory in the new century with world-class elite team, considerate service, high-quality products, advanced technology and strategic vision, He is bound to usher in a new period of his own and provide leading and reliable control and detection solutions for the development and growth of more enterprises

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