Support glass callback in peak season of the hotte

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Glass industry: supported by the peak season, the glass callback is limited

on the one hand, the glass inventory is high and the real estate regulation policies are frequent; On the other hand, the construction operation rate is rising, and the glass spot market is gradually taking the injection machine: the clamping force of 70t is out of the off-season. Under the intertwining of long and short, the glass is in a dilemma, and the futures price hovers between for as long as one month. However, we find that the pressure of glass inventory is not balanced. Most of the inventory comes from North China, and the stress time is calculated according to the formula, while most of the inventory in the south is still in a stable range. With the introduction of the local version of the "five national rules", the glass price has been adjusted in place. After the spot market has reduced the price and removed the inventory, do not use the aiming telescope to inspect the smooth reflector. Under the support of the traditional peak season, it may vibrate and rebound

at present, due to Shahe de stocking, it flows into other parts of the country at a low price, resulting in the price of most spot markets in a stalemate and stagflation stage. The glass may continue to be adjusted in a short time. But the space below is limited, close 7 Special surgical instruments and materials preparation technology note 1400 near the support. Zhonghua glass () Department

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