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The supporting bearing solution of the main drum of the sheet fed offset press

sheet fed offset press has increasingly become the main product of printing machinery because of its structural advantages, and the requirements for printing quality are also constantly improving. Domestic offset printing machine manufacturers have also developed from the production of monochrome machines and two-color machines to four-color machines and multi-color machines. Each color deck of sheet fed offset press is mainly composed of plate cylinder, rubber cylinder, pressure cylinder, transfer cylinder and other ink and accessory systems. The running accuracy of the main drum directly affects the printing quality, and has a direct relationship with whether overprint, grain and coloring will occur. Domestic and foreign well-known printer manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the operation accuracy of the main drum. The bearing supporting the main drum plays a vital role. In order to improve the quality of the printing machine and increase greater added value, many printing machine manufacturers raise the requirements of the bearing at any cost

with the historical development of sheet fed offset press, the main drum bearing has also experienced many changes. From the previous brass sliding bearing to roller bearing, from needle bearing to roller bearing, from single bearing to combined bearing, from two ring bearing to three ring eccentric bearing. The accuracy of roller bearings is getting higher and higher. Compared with the traditional steel plate body, it is more and more convenient to reduce the weight by 25%, and the maintenance is simpler and simpler

I. needle roller bearing

the rigidity of needle roller bearing is much better than tapered roller bearing because of its small roller diameter, and the double row dislocation needle roller bearing developed by bearing company makes its rigidity comparable to that of copper sleeve sliding bearing. Compared with the ordinary needle roller bearing, the needle grouping of the needle roller bearing applied to the cylinder support of the printing machine is higher than the ordinary one. The needles of ordinary needle roller bearings are grouped by 2 μ M is the unit, while the needle roller used by the printer is grouped by 1 μ M is the unit. In this way, the working clearance of the bearing can be less than 1 by selecting the appropriate grouping of needle rollers μ m. Such operation accuracy is exactly what high-quality printing machines need. And the needle roller group used by the printing machine can be more than that of ordinary needle roller bearings, so the processing requirements for wallboards can naturally be reduced

II. The use of roller bearings

needle roller bearings still makes printer manufacturers tired of the need for jackets with high machining accuracy, and the need for experienced installers to find a suitable needle roller group. In order to solve this problem, the bearing manufacturer has developed a roller bearing support scheme with outer ring integrated flange. Roller bearings can achieve good accuracy and rigidity through pre tightening. In addition, the tapered inner ring can also be used to graft the in-depth understanding of the industry of China's No. 5 mining group and Alibaba's concept of using the Internet to empower traditional industries, so as to arbitrarily adjust the bearing working clearance. This solution can completely meet the requirement of zero clearance of the roller bearing of the printing machine. Moreover, the outer ring with flange solves the problem of installation and lubrication for printer manufacturers. This bearing is widely used in Manroland, Heidelberg, leyubi in Japan and beiren in China. Its roller bearing support scheme has become the mainstream scheme of drum support in printing machine

further reduce the noise of the pump station III. integrated unit

like the automotive industry and other industries, printer manufacturers also need precision product suppliers like bearings to provide a simpler way to change from high-speed development to high-quality modular components to reduce the error and time of factory assembly and reduce the rework rate, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In order to meet this demand, bearing manufacturers provide roller support units with higher accuracy and easier installation and maintenance for main roller support. Such as the three ring eccentric bearing unit developed by the bearing company. This bearing unit integrates bearing and eccentric sleeve, which not only has the function of supporting the drum, but also realizes the function of drum clutch pressure and alignment. Its advantages have been widely accepted by printer manufacturers. Models of gaobao, Manroland and and new models of Heidelberg have used this bearing unit on the plate cylinder or rubber cylinder. In the modification of old models, this kind of three ring bearing support has become the first choice. At present, there is no better scheme than this bearing unit in terms of performance, installation, use and maintenance. The use of labyrinth seal rings and cylindrical rollers enables them to be lubricated with oil or grease, and maintenance free for life. Excellent lubrication also makes the service life of this bearing the longest among various schemes. It makes the printer manufacturers' requirements for accuracy move from their own processing and installation production lines to bearing production lines for precision products such as bearings. This is also in line with the intensification of modern industry

the above are various solutions for the support of the main drum of the printing machine. Due to its own accuracy requirements, the printing machine has high requirements for the support of rotating and linear moving parts. The above solutions can completely solve the needs of domestic printer manufacturers to develop their own more distinctive products

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