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Or elegant, or chic, or romantic, or warm... Lianglong diatom mud has excellent environmental performance, excellent artistic expression, and changeable style modeling, making it the best choice for interior decoration

elegant, chic, romantic, warm... The excellent environmental performance, excellent artistic expression and changeable style of Lianglong diatom mud make it the best choice for indoor decoration

strong artistry: Lianglong diatom mud has excellent artistic effect. It has a variety of different texture processes, showing different exquisite beauty. The patterns and patterns have their own characteristics, with a three-dimensional beauty that latex paint and wallpaper do not have

personalized decoration, highlighting taste: Lianglong diatom mud is made by hand, which can be designed independently according to different overall styles. Your home is up to you. Customize your home according to your hobbies. It fully demonstrates your extraordinary personality and elegant taste

purify the air, absorb and decompose formaldehyde: the function of Lianglong diatom mud to permanently decompose formaldehyde and other harmful gases makes the family get rid of the threat of "superposition effect" of decoration pollution and create a healthy and elegant perfect indoor space

respiratory humidity regulation: the performance of diatom mud respiratory humidity regulation can always maintain the environmental humidity between 40% and 70% of the most comfortable for human body, prevent indoor wall moisture, and help to preserve all kinds of alcohol, books and collectibles

it can prevent mold and absorb peculiar smell: Lianglong diatom mud has excellent anti mold effect and can absorb peculiar smell caused by humidity or other reasons

long service life: the service life of Lianglong diatom mud can reach 20 years, and it always has the ability to decompose harmful gases during use, bringing comprehensive and lasting protection to indoor air

sound absorption and noise reduction: diatom mud has rich micropores inside, which can absorb noise, reduce the transmission of noise, and the sound insulation effect between different indoor functional areas, so that the rest space and entertainment space do not interfere with each other, creating a more comfortable indoor environment

soft color, protect eyesight: the color of diatom mud is made of natural mineral pigments, with soft tone. At the same time, it can avoid too strong and dazzling light, alleviate visual fatigue, and protect our eyes

fire prevention and flame retardant: diatom mud has the characteristics of fire prevention and flame retardant, and can withstand a high temperature of 1300 ℃. Only the melting point has no ignition point, and will not produce harmful gases due to high temperature. It is a protective wall for the personal and property safety of residents

no dust absorption, easy to take care of: diatom mud is an inorganic material, so it has the characteristics of no static electricity and no dust absorption. The interior space of the villa is large. The use of diatom mud can reduce the difficulty of wall cleaning and make the room easier to take care of

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