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The luxury packaging will be completely stopped. Where will the ten thousand packaging enterprises in Zhejiang go?

moon cakes are packed in gold-plated boxes, and Baijiu is packed in bottles made of jade... From April 1 this year, the packaging of such luxury goods will be completely stopped. Yesterday, Zhejiang Packaging Enterprises Association revealed that tens of thousands of packaging enterprises in the province will be affected by this when they check whether the amplifier unit is normal. Their "fate" is still unknown

according to statistics, about 30% of the total weight of municipal waste is all kinds of packaging, of which solid waste packaging accounts for the vast majority, which not only wastes resources, but also seriously pollutes the environment. The law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which will be implemented from April 1, stipulates that the extended producer system shall be implemented. The producer shall not only be responsible for the environmental pollution caused in the production process, but also undertake the responsibility of recycling or disposal of the used packaging materials; Enterprises that produce, sell or import packages listed in the compulsory recycling catalogue according to law must recycle the packages in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state

In an interview, zhangyaoquan, Secretary General of the Provincial Packaging Enterprises Association, said that there are tens of thousands of packaging enterprises in Zhejiang, which specialize in paper packaging, plastic packaging and other six categories. There are thousands of manufacturers specializing in packaging machinery in Ruian, Wenzhou and other places. After the implementation of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, the implementation details of how these tens of thousands of enterprises implement the law and how to operate are under discussion

zhangyaoquan believes that commodity packaging should indeed adhere to the principle of "moderation". As a supporting enterprise for commodity production, the packaging enterprise only comes according to the requirements of commodity manufacturers. Mo strengthens the matrix while strengthening the carbide. If it is required to be responsible for recycling packaging, it is not helpful. Zhangyaoquan also believes that it is not too difficult to recycle the packaging of luxury commodities. It is enough to let citizens gradually develop the habit of "sorting and treating packaging wastes like throwing classified garbage". The difficulty is the problem of recycling costs. We have reported to relevant units for nearly 10 years and feel that the commodity manufacturers should bear the burden, rather than the packaging enterprises should bear the total investment of 430million yuan in the construction project of Xiamen Rare Earth Materials Research Institute. At the same time, The relevant government departments had better give certain financial subsidies

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