The hottest Lyondell launched two new brands of PP

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Lyondell introduced two new grades of PP copolymer

Lyondell chemical company has recently developed two high transparency PP copolymers, pp30hf01 and pp33hf04, which can be blow molded and are currently applying for patent film and sheet extrusion processing for food packaging, beverage bottles and personal care product packaging boxes

pp30hf01 and pp33hf04 resins provided by Lyondell chemical company are polypropylene ethylene copolymer, and millad3988 clarifier produced by Milliken chemical company is used. It is said that the use of the additive can prolong the service life of the product, improve the dimensional stability and strength, and meet the food grade requirements specified by FDA. Lyondell chemical company can also provide pp33hr01 and pp43qw02 resins produced by MFR higher ad1988 clarifier using mill resin for food packaging and bottle cap injection molding

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