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Luxury packaging is expensive. Excessive packaging is popular. Mr. Hong, who lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, recently received a box of black tea from a friend. The outer tea box is made of crystal glass, and there is also a carefully carved wooden box inside. When you open the wooden box, you can see the tea wrapped in a small iron box with red silk and yellow satin. The whole gift box is about the size of a shoe box, but the tea is only 256 grams

the box looks so beautiful. It's a pity to throw it away, but it takes up space to keep it. How much resources will be wasted and how much garbage will be produced? It's not environmentally friendly. Mr. Hong sighed

in life, too exquisite packaging has become commonplace. Especially the best gifts, such as wine, tea, moon cakes, health products, etc. A royal jelly has not only a plastic partition and a paper box, but also a paper bag. Want to buy a paperback? Sorry, no! A box of moon cakes is packed not only in paper bags, cartons, clapboards, plastic bags, but also in knives, forks, spoons, but also in independent packaging

even fruits are packed in gift boxes. If you want to eat an apple, you must first take out the gift box from the paper bag, then open the box cover, lift the silk mat, and tear the plastic. The packaging of high-end products is even more exaggerated. A bottle of red wine is often accompanied by a wine glass, a wine opener, and some even a thermometer and white gloves. The packaging box is leather. In fact, it is a compulsory tie-in sale, and ultimately the consumer pays the bill

consumers spend money on goods that are useful to them. If you want to pay for flashy packaging, you will naturally feel distressed. Last Mid Autumn Festival, a box of crabs with sky high prices made Mr. Li, who worked in Beijing, feel bad. He hurried back to his hometown in Shanxi for the holiday and bought two crabs at the seafood store. Who knows where the crabs are packed in a gift box. Two Crabs cost 750 yuan

the money is really painful. The hairy crabs of the same kind are less than 200 yuan a kilo, which means I spent more than 500 yuan to buy a gift box. The so-called gift box is a gold colored iron box covered with an embroidered silk handbag. It looks good. But we ate crabs, and the box became garbage when we got home. Mr. Li said

it's a little surprising that luxury packaging is not very popular when it comes to recycling. The younger brother who collects waste products downstairs of the author's residence complains that more and more people come to sell packaging boxes, but the more luxurious the packaging is, the less valuable it is. Paper packaging is still worth some money. Luxury packaging is not worth money. It's strange that it takes up a lot of space, and it's not easy to pack

promote appearance, consume with public funds, and pursue high profits with merchants and companies by adding new production equipment in the division factory in Nagoya, so that over packaging is popular

why can over packaging be popular for a long time

in fact, for most consumers, if they use it by themselves, they mainly want to be affordable, and generally do not care about the packaging. In a supermarket in Beijing, a consumer told the author that if the packaging is based on product quality or other hard needs, it is acceptable. But if the packaging is luxurious but has no practical value, I will never buy it

however, in the case of reciprocity, consumers' psychology will change, and they more or less hope that the gifts will appear more upscale

a salesperson in a tea shop told the author that when people buy tea, if they drink it themselves, nine times out of ten they will buy it in bulk. Generally, those who require gift boxes should send them to friends. The real big customers are still some enterprises and institutions: some units ordered hundreds of thousands of high-end packaged tea, even accounting for about 1% of the sales on average

the merchants have focused on this point and made high profits by constantly upgrading the packaging

the author has found in the market that the value of the same commodity has increased greatly by changing its packaging: in a well-known Baijiu store, for Baijiu of the same degree and the same storage year, the price of the bottle is increased by nearly 500 yuan by replacing the glass bottle packaging with a porcelain bottle and adding an outer packaging box; At a dessert store in Chaoyang District, Beijing, 283.5g of the same type of plain chocolate sold for 37.5 yuan. When it was put in a heart-shaped design and fancy design iron box, 98g sold for 37.2 yuan; In a health care store in Wangfujing, Beijing, similar Cordyceps sinensis retails at 420 yuan per gram, plus a carved solid wood square box. The price of 8 grams is about 4200 yuan.

Mr. Lin, who deals in tea business in Beijing, said that the tea shipped from his hometown in Fujian is subsidized once it enters Beijing, and the increased profits mainly depend on the external packaging. Taking the fragrance of green tea as an example, the bulk is 630 yuan/kg, and the paperback is about 1260 yuan/kg, The hardcover costs 2520 yuan/kg

with such high profits, it is no wonder that excessive packaging continues despite repeated prohibitions

however, excessive packaging not only brings great benefits to businesses, but also adds a huge burden to the environment. A survey shows that 1/3 of urban domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than half of these packaging waste belongs to luxury packaging. China has become one of the countries with the most serious luxury packaging situation in the world, and the volume of packaging waste accounts for half of the solid waste

excessive packaging and one-sided pursuit of the added value of luxury packaging will undoubtedly consume a lot of resources and aggravate environmental pollution. Sunfeng, a professor in the Sociology Department of Tsinghua University, believes that excessive packaging makes some consumers blindly compare with each other, forming a consumer psychology that advocates appearance and ignores quality. In turn, it helps businesses provide more flashy goods, forming a vicious circle. In the long run, consumers still suffer losses. On a deeper level, excessive packaging will also give birth to unhealthy tendencies such as extravagance and waste, corruption and so on, which runs counter to the social trend of strict economy and anti waste

it is necessary to strengthen supervision to stop the trend of excessive packaging, but it also requires people to change their ideas

for excessive packaging, the government departments are not letting it go

in March, 2010, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the National Standardization Administration issued the national standard of food and cosmetics for restricting excessive packaging of commodities, which was implemented on April 1 of that year. This standard defines the packaging of beverages, wine, pastries, grains, health food, cosmetics and other products. For example, the number of layers of food and cosmetics sales packaging shall not be more than 3, and the packaging porosity shall not be greater than 60%. For some products, the national standard limits the packaging in terms of value. For example, the total packaging cost of some products other than the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the commodity price

however, the implementation effect of this standard seems not ideal. According to my observation, the problem of over packaging has not significantly improved in the past two years. Jiaxijin, an associate professor of the school of public administration of Tsinghua University, said that at present, China's standard system for commodity packaging is not perfect. Driven by the profit, the production enterprises often play a marginal role, and the dealers also make profits by providing additional packaging. It is understood that in cosmetics, the advertising department with the same diameter of 5 tons provides a batch of red wine, health care products and many other counters with separate packaging gift boxes, with prices ranging from 20 yuan to 50 yuan. The leather red wine boxes even soared to the high price of 100 yuan each

many chemicals can cause real-time or chronic stimulus response. Government departments are also aware of this problem, and relevant laws and regulations are gradually improving. Since February 1 this year, Shanghai has officially implemented the provisions of Shanghai Municipality on the reduction of commodity packaging to limit excessive packaging of commodities. The regulation clearly takes the terminal of the sales link as the starting point for supervision, and strengthens the obligation of the seller to check the purchase. Those who refuse to stop selling commodities in violation of the mandatory provisions will be fined up to 100000 yuan

to solve the problem of excessive packaging, government departments have continuously improved relevant laws, regulations and standard systems, strengthened supervision, restricted public consumption and curbed the trend of public gift giving. Jiaxijin stressed that to solve the problem of excessive packaging, we need to change our ideas, advocate frugality and realism, and reform social customs

Jia Xijin further explained that the reason why many people attach importance to face is largely due to the long-term influence of the hunger culture, so many behaviors have a symbolic meaning, which can be seen by others and go deep into people's subconscious. In fact, green environmental protection can be incorporated into the connotation of the word "face", making it a new fashion

industry organizations also need to have a sense of self-discipline and take the initiative to play a role. Jiaxijin suggested that in the alliance spontaneously formed by production enterprises, leading enterprises, as leaders and advocates, should set an example, enhance their sense of society and focus on sustainable development; Industry organizations need to formulate relevant standards for commodity packaging in the industry, improve the image and product quality of the whole industry, and avoid excessive packaging

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