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Luxi group participated in the meeting of the national amino molding plastics industry association recently, the ninth meeting of the national amino molding plastics industry association was held in Haier villa, Qingdao. Luxi group can set up the experimental force of springs. The head of melamine sales market attended the meeting and made a key speech

it is mainly used in public places such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, supermarkets and home decoration market meetings. The participants of Luxi group introduced the general situation of Luxi group and its main products, and focused on melamine products, so that more enterprises have a more comprehensive understanding of Luxi group and melamine products, which was unanimously recognized by the participants, At the same time, it has established contacts with many melamine powder enterprises in China

the national amino molding plastics industry association is formed spontaneously by amino molding plastics enterprises, including most domestic melamine powder manufacturers. This meeting deepened the exchange and communication between Luxi group and downstream melamine powder customers, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation

it is understood that Luxi group's Melamine Plant adopts the independently developed LCC improved pressurized melamine production process, which is based on the digestion and absorption of advanced technologies in the domestic and foreign melamine production processes such as the atmospheric pressure method and the low-pressure method. It has absorbed senior experts in the domestic Melamine Industry and established a melamine R & D team to improve the product quality, extend the operation cycle, and We have made scientific and technological breakthroughs in energy reuse and consumption reduction, and comprehensively innovated the production technology with the largest single set capacity in China. It is a project designed, manufactured and installed by Luxi group with its own scientific research strength. The key equipment and processes are implemented after the company's own test and research. It has achieved major breakthroughs such as low product consumption, stable quality and compliance with high-grade product standards. Through the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology, the process has reached the world advanced level and won the first prize of Shandong Provincial Science and technology progress award Shandong Province has outstanding innovation achievements of employees, and has 3 national invention patents and 19 practical patents

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