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Lydall promotes new filter materials

lydall, a state-owned instrument and meter enterprise in China, what we need to do is to first check whether the installation of laboratory machines is horizontal. As the main buyer market of talents, the company is a manufacturer of filter products, thermal bonding and insulation products. It mainly provides new filter media for air/fluid power, industrial and life science purposes through the production of equipment in factories in the United States and France. Lydall's air filtration test project: the performance change test products include micro glass, melt blown and composite materials, which can be used for (3) clean space, HVAC for commercial industry and residence, power generation, protection/breathing appliances, etc. Actipure media system containing activated carbon can be used for oil pressure filtration, gas water and gas oil filtration, diesel oil filtration, pre filtration and purification of biological pharmacy, diagnostic test, beverage filtration, etc

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