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LV Ying: the construction machinery industry should strengthen self-discipline and standardize market competition LV Ying: the construction machinery industry should strengthen self-discipline and standardize market competition introduction: the construction machinery industry is one of the important pillar industries of national economic development. Over the past decade, China's construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of development mode and the adjustment of economic structure. Both the production and sales volume rank first in the world, the comprehensive strength has been rapidly enhanced, and the international competitiveness and industrial status have been greatly improved

construction machinery industry is one of the important pillar industries of national economic development. Over the past decade, China's construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of development mode and the adjustment of economic structure. Both production and sales volume have leapt to the first in the world. Its comprehensive strength has been rapidly but dimly enhanced, and its international competitiveness and industrial status have been greatly improved

"however, after ten years of high-speed growth, it began to turn to the medium speed growth period. In the process of adapting to the industry transformation, enterprises should strengthen industry self-discipline, standardize market competition, and discard bad habits that are not conducive to the development of the industry, so as to be conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry," Lu Ying, deputy secretary general and senior engineer of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in an interview on April 17

improve brand and technical strength

the market is a double-edged sword, often with both opportunities and challenges

"under the current development situation, enterprises should first adjust their mindset. The high-speed growth has not squeezed out technology companies, and the extrusion drive concept that can freely choose the electromechanical situation is now the goal to pursue. The most important problem for enterprises at present is to continuously improve their brand and technical strength." According to LV Ying's analysis, from the current situation, although the industry is in the transition stage, the market demand for construction machinery is still strong, and the global market demand is still considerable. In the past era of high-speed growth, enterprises blindly occupied cities and lands, pursued scale expansion and market share, resulting in many unsolved problems in the industry. Now that the industry has entered the period of medium growth, it has the time and conditions to solve some problems that were not digested in the past

this is a necessary stage for the industry to develop to a certain extent. Enterprises should change and adjust their understanding to adapt to the current state of industry development. From the passive adjustment in the past to the active adjustment now, focus on the deep-seated problems that the enterprise urgently needs to solve, such as the improvement of management level and R & D capability

at present, there is still a certain gap in the recognition of domestic brands compared with foreign brands. The products and brands of some foreign enterprises have a stable market position and loyal users at home and abroad. "Users have their own yardstick to measure product quality. Brands with long-term stable quality, reliability and high cost performance will have a high degree of recognition in the market. Although the prices of foreign products are higher, no matter how the market develops, sales are always relatively stable. However, domestic enterprises have obvious shortcomings in this regard and need to redouble their efforts." LV Ying said that in the future, the conditions for rapid growth and the space for rapid expansion of the industry will be difficult to reappear, but the development potential of the industry still exists, which requires users to make more efforts in improving product quality, performance and brand awareness

the prophet of spring river duck

in this regard, some enterprises with strategic vision have already realized this problem during the period of rapid development of the industry. Now the market is declining. Some enterprises have not decreased or slightly decreased, and even increased steadily in some indicators. For example, XCMG group has exceeded the 100billion yuan mark; Zoomlion made a breakthrough in profit growth; Recently, in the list of top 50 global construction machinery released on a global authoritative media, Sany ranked fifth in the world; According to the latest statistics, the production and sales of forklift trucks in Anhui exceeded 10000 in March this year

"these enterprises not only have strategic vision in development, but also have a deep understanding of their own and the development of the industry," said LV Ying. He suggested that under the current unstable market development environment, each enterprise should find out its own market positioning as soon as possible, formulate development strategies in a timely manner under the new situation, and especially make great efforts to improve product quality and cost performance

standardize market competition

at present, price war has become an unavoidable problem. In the process of competing for the market, enterprises have adopted the models of zero down payment and low down payment incentive sales, which has led to a large increase in accounts receivable and increased business risks. Here, LV Ying calls on enterprises to maintain rational and benign competition and calmly face market competition

in addition, the problem of overcapacity still exists in China's construction machinery market. Taking hydraulic excavators as an example, the domestic production capacity has reached more than 600000 units, more than 2 units are equipped with manual control box for micro or quick operation, and the global market sales in 2012. The same situation also exists in some other construction machinery products to varying degrees

from the second half of 2011 to the end of 2012, the adjustment period of the construction machinery industry during this period is also a good thing for the development of the industry, so that the whole industry can seriously think about how to face the adverse situation, how to practice internal skills and how to develop healthily. At present, the pulling effect of the national steady growth policy is gradually emerging, and the overall situation of the industry in 2013 is promising. Of course, it is still difficult for the industry to recover to the level before 2011. However, as judged by Qijun, President of the Construction Machinery Industry Association, generally speaking, the industry will have a good development prospect in the next 20 years; The industry will continue to develop steadily, and the phenomenon of ups and downs will rarely occur

promoting sustainable development

at present, the industry as a whole shows a negative growth trend, but this does not mean that the industry is going downhill. It can only be regarded as a "painful period" in the process from rapid growth to stable growth. However, how long will it take to pass this period? LV Ying used the term "how long is the horizontal, how high is the vertical" in the stock market to describe the time span of this "labor pains period"

"only by digesting these problems accumulated during the rapid growth period in the past decade, can the development of the enterprise be stable and truly transition to the stage of sustainable development." Lu Ying said. At present, China's construction machinery is not only changing the pattern of the world's construction machinery industry, but also trying to change the problems existing in the current industry's own development. The development of the industry needs both policy support and joint efforts. In LV Ying's view, improving the production capacity of domestic enterprises for high-quality, refined and advanced products is also a direction that needs efforts. Taking large construction machinery as an example, due to its complex manufacturing technology, difficult manufacturing, small production batch, high value and high operation risk, many construction machinery enterprises were unable to get involved before the National Tenth Five year plan was issued. Due to the needs of national large-scale infrastructure, petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power and other construction projects, the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" has established the development goal of focusing on the research and development of large-scale construction machinery and equipment urgently needed by the country

with the support of a series of national industrial and financial policies, a number of key enterprises have been able to manufacture 26 kinds of construction machinery products common in the international market, and their quality is not inferior to that of foreign products. Among them, large crawler cranes, all terrain cranes, large bulldozers, large concrete pump trucks, pavers and other products are sold all over the world

in the process of promoting the production of high-end and precision products, an important problem to be solved is that the key supporting parts of large equipment mainly depend on imports. Due to the extremely harsh working environment of construction machinery, the requirements for accessories are very high. At present, key components such as control system, high-performance engine, high-pressure hydraulic parts, high-strength ductile iron shell parts and so on all rely on foreign brands or imports. Statistics show that despite the strong export of the foundry industry, most of China's exports are low-end castings, while foreign countries in turn import high-end castings into the Chinese market. The restriction of supporting parts is also a challenge to the development of the industry

it is gratifying that the construction machinery industry and related upstream industries are making unprecedented efforts, and the R & D and trial production of some high-end supporting products have achieved phased results. Government departments have also given great attention and support. The collaborative work platform for the industrialization of high-end hydraulic components and systems of construction machinery led by the Ministry of industry and information technology has begun to operate. It is believed that in the near future, the key components of packless shock hose construction machinery in the United States can not only meet the domestic market demand, but also provide high-performance and high value-added products to foreign enterprises. At that time, the dream of becoming a powerful country in the construction machinery industry will no longer be a dream

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