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Bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce international cooperation promotion conference held in Beijing

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core tip: on July 8, "bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce platform International Cooperation Promotion Conference" was held in Beijing Ruiji Hotel, with business representatives from embassies in China, foreign chambers of Commerce, representatives from more than 20 countries along the "the Belt and Road" More than 100 people including Chinese and foreign media, bulk commodity and e-commerce practitioners attended

[China Packaging News] on July 8, the international cooperation promotion conference of cross-border e-commerce platforms for bulk commodities was held at Ruiji hotel in Beijing, attended by more than 100 business representatives from embassies in China of more than 20 countries along the the Belt and Road, representatives of foreign chambers of Commerce, Chinese and foreign media, bulk commodities and e-commerce practitioners

in recent years, China's cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly and has become a new model, new highlight and new trend of China's foreign trade. At this promotion meeting, the guests discussed topics such as online international procurement of bulk commodities and online international promotion cooperation of made in China

Chen Haosu, former president of the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries and President of the all China Esperanto Association, said in his speech that China's rapid economic development over the past three decades has attracted attention. Developing strong economic and trade relations between China and other countries in the world is in the interests of each other. Expanding economic and trade cooperation can not only bring tangible economic benefits to Chinese and foreign people, And it has laid a strong and important foundation and strong impetus for China to develop all aspects of its foreign relations. He hoped that through this promotion meeting, more foreign friends would understand and support bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce, promote Sino foreign economic and trade exchanges to a higher level, and expand broader space for cooperation in various fields

Lu Hongxiang, chairman of jumao e-commerce Co., Ltd., pointed out in his speech that China, as a major purchaser of bulk commodities, plays a decisive role in the global economic pattern. On jumao e-commerce platform, China will focus on China's huge demand for bulk commodity raw materials, and continue to purchase from excellent international partners with higher production efficiency of components made of viggs Victrex Paek, At the same time, it can also carry out international promotion for excellent Chinese manufacturing products, provide more Chinese made products with high quality and low price to international partners, and deepen the economic and trade exchanges between China and other countries in the world. Lu Hongxiang expressed the hope that through this promotion meeting, more international traders will know and understand jumao platform and jointly welcome the arrival of the golden era of cross-border e-commerce

lagnar, Minister counsellor of the Icelandic Embassy in China, introduced the development of cross-border e-commerce and international trade of bulk commodities from the perspective of overseas people. Liu Yufeng, a famous expert in the e-commerce industry and Secretary General of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said in his speech that cross-border e-commerce of bulk commodities has brought new opportunities for the development of global bulk commodities. The trade gathering mode will become a new mode of bulk commodity trade, promoting closer integration, coordinated development and sharing of achievements between China's economy and the world economy

at the promotion meeting, the host also announced that the first bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce Summit Forum will be held in Beijing in October this year. At that time, government officials and experts will be widely invited. Now let's have a detailed understanding. Scholars and bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce practitioners will gather together to gather industry consensus and jointly discuss the development plan of bulk commodity cross-border e-commerce

this promotion conference is also the first appearance of jumao e-commerce on international occasions. As an Internet bridge between global bulk commodities, industrial raw materials and manufacturing, jumao integrates e-commerce, financing, global procurement, cloud warehouse storage, IOT, supply chain finance, manufacturing support system, Market Research Center, futures hedging center, intelligent logistics, big data supporting and other services, aiming to provide raw material procurement financial support and supply chain whole process services for global manufacturing enterprises, It is a cross-border e-commerce platform with a new model of e-commerce + Finance + supply chain + industry 4.0. Jumao will actively connect Chinese manufacturing enterprises with international downstream enterprises, increase raw material suppliers, and promote more excellent Chinese made products to the global market through centralized purchase orders of manufacturing enterprises

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