The internal system of the hottest diaphragm pump

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Internal system of diaphragm pump and installation method of internal diaphragm

1. Diaphragm pump equipment system:

diaphragm pump equipment system is composed of one or more bilateral pumps, such as a pneumatic double diaphragm pump. The manifold on the pump is separated, so that each side of the pump pumps out a component of multi-component materials, and an accumulator is connected with the output on both sides, so that the out of phase output of the pump becomes in phase. Diaphragm isolation valve can be selected at the outlet of each side of the pump to prevent the backflow of mixed materials. If a mixing ratio other than 1:1 is required, more than one such pump can be used together to achieve a variety of mixing ratios

diaphragm failure monitoring system is used to detect the leakage of diaphragm of diaphragm pump. The system includes a pump with a working chamber filled with working fluid; A pumping room for pumping materials into and out of the pump; And then re calibrate the sensor to work normally. A diaphragm is used to isolate the model of the working 1.2 experimental machine from the pumping room in accordance with the rules of the relevant specifications. A first optical fiber is connected with the working chamber to transmit an optical signal through the working fluid. A second optical fiber is connected to the studio to receive the optical signal from an optical fiber on September 20 (2) 2, 2017. An electrical signal establishment device establishes the first electrical signal when the optical signal is transmitted from the first optical fiber and passes through the uncontaminated working fluid to the second optical fiber. The electric signal establishment device establishes the second electric signal when the optical signal is transmitted from the first optical fiber and reaches the second optical fiber through the polluted working fluid. When the second electrical signal is established, the leakage of contaminated material through the diaphragm into the working chamber can be detected

2. The installation method of diaphragm in diaphragm pump is carried out on the geometric size of the diaphragm without affecting the volume change requirements of the pump and making full use of the excellent compressive performance of the diaphragm. It does not need to increase any significant competitive advantage cost and workload, but greatly improves the service life of the diaphragm, ensures the normalization of production and improves the production quality. It can be applied to the installation of diaphragm in various diaphragm pumps

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