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The process of leading the total cost of international construction machinery is inevitable

the process of leading the total cost of international construction machinery is inevitable

China Construction machinery information

Guide: the second topic about 900 billion: the 2011 top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers ranking was released in May, with 10 Chinese enterprises entering the top 50 in the world, of which 3 entered the top 10 in the world. At present, the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer is in China; Truck crane and big

the second topic about "900 billion":

the 2011 "top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers list" was announced in May. 10 Chinese enterprises entered the top 50 in the world, of which 3 entered the top 10 in the world

at present, the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer is in China; China is the world's first manufacturer in terms of sales volume of truck cranes and large and medium-sized rollers; The world's largest excavator and loader production capacity is in China. The manufacturing technology of the longest boom pump truck in the world is in China; The world's largest tonnage (3200 tons) crawler crane manufacturing technology is in China

in fact, China should be able to make more breakthroughs in equipment manufacturing, including the technical level, if not more enthusiastic about capacity expansion

it is understood that XCMG, Zoomlion and sany, the leading enterprises in the domestic construction machinery industry, once set a sales target of more than 100billion yuan by the end of 2015 in their enterprise planning; The sales target of Liugong and Shandong heavy industry group in 2015 is 50 billion yuan; The other 11 large enterprises in the industry will achieve a total sales target of 600billion yuan by 2015

recently, it was reported that XCMG group had adjusted its original planning goal to achieve an operating revenue of 100billion yuan by 2012, ranking among the top five in the world of construction machinery; In 2015, the operating revenue reached 300billion yuan, ranking among the top three in the world of construction machinery

as early as early March, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said in an interview at the construction machinery exhibition in Las Vegas, "in 2012, the total sales volume of Sany group will exceed 100billion yuan, of which the overseas market accounts for 35% - 40% Inadvertently, Sany's "100 billion yuan target" is also planned to be completed three years ahead of schedule

it is hard to imagine that other enterprises can resist the impulse of growth and expansion under the situation of leading enterprises in the industry. After all, it is not easy to take the initiative to withdraw from the market

it should be said that under the background of advocating the transformation of the mode of economic development, and in the case of many uncertain factors in the internal and external market environment, how to correctly understand and deal with the relationship between growth and upgrading, how to build a sustainable and value driven operation mode, and how to effectively improve technical capabilities to enhance core competitiveness are much more important for enterprises than simply expanding production capacity. If the expansion from the pursuit of being an ambassador enters a state of out of control, and the competition for market share is at the cost of efficiency, will the tragic scene that occurred in the white goods industry a few years ago be repeated in the construction machinery industry? After all, no one wants to see those blue chip home appliance giants who used to have unlimited scenery fall into such an unbearable situation today. Therefore, in the first year or period of the 12th Five Year Plan, will it be more meaningful to concentrate on trying and promoting various innovative ways and paths, and strive to achieve an effective breakthrough in the "bottleneck" factors that restrict the development of the industry with a considerable professional scope

beware of falling down on the road of capacity expansion

the goal of the development and structural adjustment of the equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period puts forward that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, it is necessary to cultivate no less than 10 "flagship" international large enterprise groups with international influence, capital and technology output capacity and entering the world's top 500, so as to optimize and upgrade the organizational structure of the equipment manufacturing field. The current popular "100 billion level" statement may be an independent quantitative result of the above concepts. It is believed that in the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan for regional equipment manufacturing industry, all regions will place the cultivation of "100 billion level" enterprise groups in an important position for arrangement and deployment. Recently, the leading construction machinery enterprises that have been in the spotlight in the "blowout" market are expected to become the objects of cultivation everywhere. Of course, the development of local economy needs leading enterprises to lead and drive. The sharp increase in the market size of leading enterprises should be a good thing from any perspective... The premise is that the industry can operate and develop according to its own internal logic, and there are no other non-commercial products derived in the process

construction machinery is an industry that is easy to increase the output value. For example, in today's society, the annual sales of excavators are 10000 units, which is the output value of 7.8 billion yuan. Even if 10000 loaders are sold annually, the output value can reach more than 2 billion yuan

according to incomplete statistics, the production capacity of domestic excavators has also exceeded 350000 units (it should be noted that there are too many versions of the actual production capacity of domestic excavators, and few people can give relatively accurate figures), which is enough to supply most of the needs of the global market. According to the production capacity targets planned by the current production enterprises, the production capacity of domestic excavators is likely to reach more than 500000 by 2015, almost covering the global market demand. According to the prediction of excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the overall sales volume of domestic excavators this year is about 190000 units, and from 218500 units to 302000 units from 2012 to 2014

although the overcapacity of the two leading products of loaders and excavators has been quite obvious, and the product homogenization is serious, the core technology is seriously lacking, various price promotion wars emerge in endlessly, and the market order is worrying. There have even been voices of vigilance against the outbreak of "subprime mortgage crisis" in the construction machinery industry. However, the expansion of excavator production still seems to be implemented step by step

from the current known situation of expanding production capacity, apply 1 DC square wave voltage u to both ends of the resistance system composed of friction pair equivalent resistance and embedded resistance R1 and R2. Among local brands, Sany Heavy Industry plans to produce and sell 25000 excavators in 2011; XCMG's excavator sales target in 2011 is 10000 sets; Liugong aims to achieve the production and sales of 30000 excavators by 2015; According to the company's development strategic plan, Xiamen Engineering Group plans to implement an investment project with an annual output of 12000 excavators; Guangxi Yuchai and Sichuan Bangli invested in the project of large and medium-sized excavators in Luzhou, with a total scale of 2billion yuan. After completion, the annual production capacity of 5000 large and medium-sized excavators will be formed. Among the local second and third tier brands, the investment strength of enterprises can not be underestimated. Rongsheng heavy industry invested 3.4 billion yuan in Anhui to build a project with an annual capacity of 30000 excavators and 400 rotary drilling rigs; Pushi heavy machinery, a subsidiary of Wuliangye Group, has also invested more than 400million yuan to produce medium and small excavators. After the project is fully put into production, the annual production capacity will reach 10000 units

recently, there are rumors that a famous heavy industry enterprise in Shanxi plans to enter the field of loader manufacturing; Another enterprise with military background with poor contact of sensor wire: the sensor wire after unplugging the controller has also shown great interest in this field. It is amazing how much determination is needed to enter an industry that is considered by insiders to have excess capacity since 2001 and has maintained a low gross profit margin for nearly a decade

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