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Huntsman advanced materials division, with the theme of "green technology, green future", comprehensively displayed its high-performance, green new composite materials and solutions applied in the fields of smart electricity, automobile, rail transit and so on at the 17th China International composite industry technology exhibition

the u-bo quality of green and environment-friendly electric vehicles displayed on the scene is also increasingly valued. X uses Huntsman's laser modeling materials, high-performance composite resins, assembly adhesives and other new products, and the whole vehicle embodies the design concept of light weight and toughness. "Carbon fiber composite cable" is an innovative product of Huntsman that fits the construction of intelligent electricity and replaces traditional metal cables. It saves a lot of time and cost, and has the advantages of light weight and low power loss. In the field of rail transit, Huntsman intensively displayed the eloda adhesive series products, composites and comprehensive solutions with strong adhesion, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and other excellent properties. It is reported that Huntsman is strengthening its cooperation with locomotive manufacturers to promote the application of aviation complex materials in the field of high-speed rail because WDW ⑵ 5C electronic universal testing machine adopts full digital control technology

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