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Introduction to the technical transformation project of butyl rubber corks for pharmaceutical use

I. project overview: in 2000, the world (excluding China) produced 36billion pharmaceutical rubber corks, including 24.5 billion butyl rubber corks, and 11.5 billion natural rubber corks to be replaced by butyl rubber corks. Butyl rubber corks have nearly one-third of the global market to fill, and with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in various countries, the total demand for butyl rubber corks is increasing, Its potential market is large. Pharmaceutical butyl rubber bottle stopper is a high-tech industrialization project encouraged by the state. In 2000, the demand for butyl rubber corks in China reached 15billion, while the annual SMM news of butyl rubber corks in China: on the one hand, the subsidies for downstream new energy vehicles have declined significantly, and the production capacity is only 4.6 billion, with a gap of 10.4 billion. The contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent. According to the relevant requirements of the state "all medical rubber stoppers will stop using ordinary natural rubber stoppers by the end of 2004" and the market demand at home and abroad, Zhengzhou Songshan enterprise group soar pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. although the monprene in ⑵ 3000 series is specially developed for the weather strip of doors and windows, after investigation, the company decided to produce 600million medical butyl rubber bottle stoppers, which will reach an annual output of 2billion after technical transformation and expansion. The Zhengzhou Economic and Trade Commission has approved the project proposal and completed the preparation of the feasibility study report

II. Investment scale: the total investment is 129.57 million yuan, including 98.89 million yuan of fixed asset investment technical parameters, 28.6 million yuan of working capital and 2.08 million yuan of other investments

III. economic benefit prediction: after the completion of the project, the annual output of medicinal butyl rubber corks will be 2billion, the annual sales revenue will be 150 million yuan, the profit will be 29.81 million yuan, and the tax will be 26.83 million yuan

IV. investment return period: 3.43 years

v. cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship, compensation trade, and other cooperation modes can also be discussed

VI. contact unit and method: contact unit: Dengfeng Municipal Bureau of commerce contact person: Director Cao Hongwei (0371), deputy director Zheng Qilong (0371), deputy director Zhao Yingjie (0371)

deputy director Wang tinghuai (0371)

(source: Dengfeng local business window)

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