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New renewable polypropylene has been approved by the United States for food packaging - packaging e line

recently, an innovative polypropylene plastic launched by an American plastic company has obtained the wholesale food contact license from the food and drug Administration (FDA) of the country. This means that this 100% renewable polypropylene plastic can be safely used in the production of food packaging. KW plastics, headquartered in Alabama, said that after the authoritative demonstration of FDA, its newly launched kwr621 food grade renewable polypropylene plastic will have a wide application prospect in plastic tableware such as soup spoons, hot and cold drink cups, bowls and chopsticks and other food packaging. As early as a year ago, the company's other renewable polypropylene plastics have been or will be combined with other major components of the circuit - an insulator and a semiconductor - you can build flexible electronic circuits to charge you when you walk. FDA license can be safely used in plastic trays and food packaging crates

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