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New research believes that VoIP services will develop rapidly in the next five years. News from CTI Forum on June 26 (compiler/old Qin): if you think you have seen more and more trends about VoIP and its technological hegemony, it is not wrong that this year is the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mongolia: it is in an explosive development everywhere

a study of transparency Market Research (TMR) just released shows that the global VoIP service market was only about $70.9 billion two years ago, and now it is expected to reach $136.76 billion by 2020. The compound annual growth rate in the next five years is 9.7%

in 2013, Europe was the largest customer in the global VoIP service market, and the customers who bought these friction and wear testing machines were mainly income contributors of some domestic universities and large enterprises, the report pointed out. (however) the Asia Pacific region is expected to become the fastest growing market for VoIP services in the future

VoIP services are becoming more and more popular because they are both cheap and affordable for enterprises and individual consumers. VoIP can make enterprises save money, and the operating cost is much lower than that of traditional services. Corporate consumption is further classified based on the type of services provided, the report said. In 2013, the main contribution in terms of revenue came from managed business services provided by VoIP service providers

however, although the growth is strong, there are still some obstacles that must be overcome

although there is a growth track, it is mainly useful: for example, VoIP service providers are facing the challenge of emerging country restrictions due to the lack of infrastructure and the allocation of bandwidth using two-way servo control, which is the key to long-term growth. This study puts forward matters needing attention

nevertheless, optimism still accounts for the majority

VoIP services from computers are the largest part, accounting for 37.9% of the total number of users in 2013, according to the TMR report. However, it is expected that (mobile VoIP) applications will have healthy revenue growth in the forecast period, with an average annual compound growth rate of 14.7% from 2014 to 2020. In addition, due to the popularity of more and more intelligence and the growing demand of enterprise mobile services and individual consumers, the expected growth rate of computer to computer VOIP business in the market is the lowest, in which computers (desktops) are gradually being replaced by intelligence and other portable devices

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