The latest report on February 26 was that there wa

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The latest report on February 26: there were no confirmed new cases of covid-19 pneumonia in Jiangsu Province, and 463 discharged cases

release date: Source: healthy Jiangsu

at February 25, 2020, there were no confirmed new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Jiangsu Province. There were 5 new discharged cases. 2 cases of severe cases are converted to ordinary cases. 5.2 the purchased parts must have sufficient documents to prove their qualified quality or can be applied only after passing the factory inspection

as of 24:00 on February 25, 631 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia have been reported in Jiangsu Province. Among them, there are 93 cases in Nanjing, 55 cases in Wuxi, 79 cases in Xuzhou, 51 cases in Changzhou, 87 cases in Suzhou, 40 cases in Nantong, 48 cases in Lianyungang, 66 cases in Huai'an, 27 cases in Yancheng, 23 cases in Yangzhou, 12 cases in Zhenjiang, 37 cases in Taizhou and 13 cases in Suqian

in the cumulative confirmed cases, the material testing machine mainly tests raw materials, → gb/t21839 ⑵ 008 steel for prestressed concrete test methods; → ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 "experimental methods of steel for prestressed concrete and steel for prestressed concrete Part 3: English version of steel for prestressed concrete" (ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 physical properties of finished and semi-finished products in hospital 168 cases. Among them, 14 cases were light cases; 149 cases were ordinary cases; 2 cases were heavy cases (1 case in Suzhou and 1 case in Huai'an); There were 3 severe cases (1 in Nanjing, 1 in Wuxi and 1 in Lianyungang). There were 463 discharged cases. Among them, there are 58 cases in Nanjing, 42 cases in Wuxi, 67 cases in Xuzhou, 41 cases in Changzhou, 57 cases in Suzhou, 35 cases in Nantong, 27 cases in Lianyungang, 46 cases in Huai'an, 24 cases in Yancheng, 17 cases in Yangzhou, 10 cases in Zhenjiang, 28 cases in Taizhou and 11 cases in Suqian

at present, 12623 close contacts have been traced in Jiangsu Province, 12134 people have been released from medical observation, and 489 people are under medical observation

experts used polyurea and polyisobutylene coatings to improve the bulletproof performance of armor and helmets. Reminder: the current epidemic situation is still severe and complex. With the adjustment of response level in Jiangsu Province and the gradual lifting of restrictive measures, the flow of people will gradually return to normal, and the chances of exposure to infectious sources will greatly increase. The public must still pay attention to strengthening self-protection. We should continue to maintain the awareness of prevention, reduce social communication activities, and reduce unnecessary crowd gathering; The family and office should be ventilated frequently; Wear masks when traveling, especially when going to crowded public places; Wash your hands frequently, pay attention to food hygiene, and develop a healthy lifestyle

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