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Shunyuan has recently introduced RMS signal isolation, amplification and transmission: ISO EM RMS

ordinary DC voltmeters can only measure DC voltage signals, while ac/dc conversion circuits must be added to measure AC signals. In order to reduce the cost and simplify the circuit, simple average response ac/dc converter is used in common AC voltmeters at present. The commonly used average response ac/dc converter is a half wave (or full wave) linear rectification circuit composed of operational amplifier and diode. This circuit has the advantages of good linearity, high accuracy, simple circuit, low cost and so on. However, this kind of circuit is defined according to the relationship between the average value of the standard sine wave and the effective value (vrms=1.111vp), so this kind of instrument can only measure the standard undistorted sine wave voltage value. For AC voltage signals with sine wave distortion, the characteristics of graphene, which will produce a new "revolution", will make the display screen ultra-thin and ultra light in the future, and the measurement error will appear when using this kind of instrument to measure non sine wave signals such as square wave, rectangular wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave, trapezoidal wave, step ladder wave, etc. the deviation is larger. From this, the tensile strength of the material can be obtained by testing the owner, and the result is inconsistent with the actual value of the signal. The use of true RMS digital instruments can accurately measure the RMS of various waveforms to meet the needs of modern electronic measurement

The core component of the true RMS instrument is the TRMS signal isolation amplifier module. TRMS module is composed of a monolithic TRMS/DC converter, a new D-S computing technology and a high-precision signal isolation amplifier. Its advantage is that it can accurately and real-time measure the effective value of various voltage and current waveforms without considering the waveform parameters and distortion. In short, the true RMS measurement module TRMS has the characteristics of high accuracy (30hz-1khz error < 0.25%), good linearity (nonlinear error < 0.02%), wide dynamic current range, fast response speed, wide measurement range, simple use and so on. The new TRMS series of true RMS isolation amplifier modules developed and produced by Shenzhen Shunyuan Technology Co., Ltd. have many advantages, such as high integration, perfect functions, few peripheral components, simple circuit connection, easy assurance of electrical performance indicators, etc. using this module can accurately and real-time measure the effective value of various signal waveforms without considering waveform parameters and distortion. These performances cannot be achieved by average value measurement instruments

product features:

● isolation, amplification and transmission of 0~200mv AC small signal

● wide range bandwidth input of signal: 0~1khz

● extremely high linearity (nonlinearity 0.2%)

● three isolation between auxiliary power supply and signal input/output 3000vdc

● auxiliary power supply: 5V, 12V, 15V or 24VDC single power supply

● accuracy level: 0.2, 0.5

● ultra small volume, standard dip24pin, Conform to UL94V-0 flame retardant package

● industrial temperature range: -20~+70 ℃

typical applications:

● analog signal data acquisition, isolation, amplification and transmission

● signal true RMS rmsac+dc measurement

● acquisition and monitoring system ground wire interference suppression

● instrumentation and sensor signal transmission and transmission

● non electric signal transmission

● sensor signal detection Conversion and distortion free remote transmission

● high accuracy measurement and conversion of industrial field signals

example of product selection

input signal vin:mv; Output signal vout:v; Auxiliary power pw:12vdc

corresponding model: isoema1 mixed into lead alloy 200rms-p2-o4

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