The latest report of the hottest FMI says that the

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The latest report of FMI says that the VoIP service market is still growing

CTI Forum () news on September 26 (compiler/Lao Qin): a new research result of future market insights (FMI) confirms the view that many people have always said that VoIP is still valuable, and the market shows no sign of slowing down

interconnection protocol (VoIP) has been concerned since it was first introduced, because it uses broadband and interconnection to connect voice and data communications. Although there are many ways to realize Voip - this experimental machine is mainly used for the static tensile performance test of materials and parts - through sip, RTP, asterisk, H.323, and more - enterprises and consumers benefit both

with the continuous development and progress of the network, we will find that advantages such as efficiency, cost savings and more reasonable communication maintenance have kept the VoIP service market prosperous

according to the report of FMI on July 17, business users are using cloud based services because it simplifies the burden of internal maintenance and manual upgrading, and brings more efficient overall costs. The report predicts that by 2020, the enterprise VoIP market will reach a revenue of more than 200million users and 86.2 billion dollars

other parts of the VoIP service market report also include:

computer to computer: it is estimated that by 2019, there will be more than 72.2 million customers and $24.74 billion in revenue

to: this kind of VoIP service has the fastest growth. It is expected that by 2019, more than 128.3 million customers and $56.56 billion of domestic mining turnover will have a poor income

however, the report points out that the adoption of VoIP services by consumers will slow down, and more and more consumer demand comes from the growing number of long-distance calls in immigrant groups

the report also points out that some Telecommunications Regulations have helped the growth of the VoIP service market. As more and more companies release highly price competitive products, the VoIP service market will continue to grow

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