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New reinforced paper packaging bags will become the development trend of grain packaging market

in the annual purchase and sale of grain in China, due to the backward packaging (gunny bags, cloth bags, low-quality plastic woven bags), transportation damage, moisture, pollution, deterioration and other serious losses, post natal losses account for about 7.5% of the total output, of which poor packaging accounts for 5% in transportation and marketing, and the annual loss of grain is more than 10 billion kg

at present, the plastic packaging of grain has been restricted internationally. The grain sales packaging in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, France, Italy and Germany is mainly paper bags, of which small packaging accounts for 80% of commodity grain packaging. However, the current grain packaging in China has fallen far behind the economic development and market consumption demand, and there is a big gap compared with developed countries

xin3zhou undertakes 90% of the scrapping task of yellow standard cars in Wuxi. With the progress of science and technology and the rapid economic development, plastic woven bags, which are now widely used in domestic grain packaging, will gradually be replaced by the rising paper bag packaging due to its own shortcomings. For example, the new reinforced paper packaging bag makes the operation more stable, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, recyclable, and meets the national food hygiene standards. It also inputs the corner signal into the plotter through the rotation sensor to become the main packaging of food. The multi-layer paper bag with paste bottom is generally made of layer paper bag paper or stretch paper. Its structure is scientific and reasonable, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and recyclable. Square bottom grain small packaging paper bags have also shown their advantages, and it has become a trend to gradually replace plastic film bags to package grain

at present, China has successfully trial produced and put into production high-strength face bag paper and special adhesives for paper packaging that meet the requirements of food hygiene, and the special bag making equipment has been successfully developed, all of which create a good prerequisite for the development of grain paper packaging bags

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