The latest research shows that disposable fiber pa

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New research shows that disposable fiber packaging is more environmentally friendly than reusable tableware

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core tip: a study released by the European paper packaging Alliance (EPPA) shows that disposable fiber food and beverage packaging has obvious environmental advantages compared with reusable tableware. A study released by the European paper packaging Alliance (EPPA) of the life cycle assessment shows that disposable fiber food and beverage packaging has obvious environmental advantages compared with reusable tableware

the life cycle assessment (LCA) was completed by Rambol company of the Netherlands, an independent consultant of the European Commission, and was certified by TUV

life cycle assessment refers to the compilation and evaluation of input, output and potential environmental impact in the life cycle of a product system. (source: ecological environment research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

this study uses the current main data from the papermaking, packaging and catering service industries to compare the environmental performance of commonly used disposable and reusable food and beverage packaging consumed by fast food restaurants in a year

life cycle assessment (LCA) found that in the process of cleaning and drying, the energy consumption and environmental impact of reusable plastic products and traditional ceramic tableware in the use stage is greater than that of disposable paper tableware. The benchmark report shows that compared with disposable paper packaging, Reusable tableware:

dioxygen produced. In a broad sense, electronic protective equipment includes hardware and software. The carbon emission is 177% higher.

the consumption of fresh water is 267% higher.

the production of fine particulate matter is 132% higher.

the consumption of fossil fuels is 238% higher.

the degree of soil acidification is 72% higher.

the combination of traditional industry and new technology is realized. Risto auero, catering cardboard sales director and EPPA representative of Fenlin cardboard, said: "This study provides a scientific basis for how disposable cardboard products can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the use of increasingly depleted water resources. In addition, it is worth noting that from the perspective of consumer health and safety, disposable tableware is usually more hygienic than reusable tableware."

eppa is a non-profit food and catering service packaging Association, whose priority is to find specific solutions, "Composite materials play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Without affecting food safety and ensuring human health, they should strengthen recycling and reduce carbon emissions from food and catering packaging.

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