The latest release on March 2 was that there was n

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On March 2, the latest release: there were no new confirmed cases of covid-19 in Jiangsu Province, and 7 new cases were discharged from the hospital

release date: Source: Jiangsu, China

Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission on March 2, authoritative release: on March 1, 2020, there were no new confirmed cases of covid-19 in Jiangsu Province. There were 7 new discharged cases

as of 24:00 on March 1, 631 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia have been reported in Jiangsu Province. Among them, there are 93 cases in Nanjing, 55 cases in Wuxi, 79 cases in Xuzhou, 51 cases in Jinan Dongfang experimental machine Prefecture, 87 cases in Suzhou, 40 cases in Nantong, 48 cases in Lianyungang, 66 cases in Huai'an, 27 cases in Yancheng, 23 cases in Yangzhou, 12 cases in Zhenjiang, 37 cases in Taizhou and 13 cases in Suqian

among the cumulative confirmed cases, 95 cases were in hospital. Among them, 9 cases were mild cases; 83 cases of common type; One severe case (one in Nanjing); There were 2 severe cases (1 in Wuxi and 1 in Lianyungang)

536 discharged cases. Among them, there are 63 cases in Nanjing, 49 cases in Wuxi, 71 cases in Xuzhou, 48 cases in Changzhou, 64 cases in Suzhou, 37 cases in Nantong, 37 cases in Lianyungang, 57 cases in Huai'an, 27 cases in Yancheng, 23 cases in Yangzhou, 11 cases in Zhenjiang, 37 cases in Taizhou and 12 cases in Suqian

at present, 12636 close contacts have been traced in Jiangsu Province, 12523 have been released from medical observation, and 113 are under medical observation

experts remind: in the process of accurate prevention and control of zoning and grading differentiation, it is recommended that the public cooperate and carry out personal protection according to the prevention and control requirements of their residence. For the public, no matter where the region is actively expanding the research and development of new materials in aerospace, defense industry, rail transit, deep-sea operation and other fields, the tensile testing machine industry is developing rapidly, and which risk collection frequency is above 100Hz, self-protection is an important means to prevent COVID-19, and we must not be careless. It is necessary to continue to maintain the awareness of prevention and maintain good hygiene habits, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, paying attention to cough etiquette, daily ventilation and cleaning, reducing visits to crowd gathering places, keeping a certain distance from colleagues after returning to work and childbirth, dispersing meals, etc., which will effectively reduce the risk of infection

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